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How to Get a New Birth Certificate in Texas

Most of us do not think much about our Texas birth certificate until we need it. We might have lost our driver’s license and need a replacement. We may need to obtain a U.S. passport. Besides these essential documents, birth certificates are used for other purposes, as well.


Why is it important to have a copy of your Texas birth certificate?

Having a copy of your Texas birth certificate available is essential for those times you need it. For example, you are starting a new job and need to complete the employee identification form so the employer can verify your identity. A birth certificate is one of the acceptable forms of identification to complete this form.

A birth certificate can also be used for certain types of travel like Caribbean cruises. Additionally, you need a birth certificate to apply for a marriage license.

If you have children, you will need a copy of their birth certificates to register them for school and other extracurricular activities, apply for Social Security cards, or open savings accounts for them.


What do you do if you cannot find your Texas birth certificate?

If you have misplaced your birth certificate, do not wait until you need it. It is better to obtain a replacement birth certificate and keep it someplace safe. This way, when you need it, you will not have to worry about trying to get it as quickly as you can.

You will need to complete a Texas birth certificate application to request a new copy of your birth certificate. It is essential to choose the right application form and complete it correctly. Any errors or omissions could result in delayed processing.

If your Texas birth certificate application is denied, then you must start the process over again. There are certain fees associated with getting a replacement birth certificate in Texas. If you mess up the application, you may need to pay these a second time, as well.


Who can order a replacement Texas birth certificate?

Texas has specific requirements about who can order replacement birth certificates. Texas residents can order copies of their own birth certificates and those of their immediate family members: children, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and spouses.

People born in Texas who are now a resident of another state can only order their own birth certificates and birth certificates of their children. All other replacement birth certificate requests for people who do not meet either of these requirements must be submitted in writing by mail using the appropriate application form.


How can FastFilings help you get your Texas birth certificate online?

Copy or Replacement of Texas Birth CertificateUsing FastFilings to help you get a copy of your birth certificate in Texas requires three simple steps:


Step #1: Complete our online application form.

Our short, online application form is not confusing like Texas government birth certificate forms. We use the information you provide to fill out the correct Texas birth certificate application.


Step #2: Sign your application documents.

We will send you documents that you need to sign and date. Once you do, we can proceed with submitting your birth certificate application with the state of Texas. If you must mail in your application, we will mail you the completed application, along with a prepaid, addressed envelope with instructions on what you need to do.


Step #3: Wait for your birth certificate to arrive in the mail.

We will send you official confirmation that your application has been accepted and received by the state of Texas. They will print your birth certificate and send you the official copy in the mail.

Using our Texas birth certificate online service to get a copy of your birth is easy and quick. Start your Texas birth certificate application today! Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online contact form if you have any questions or require further information.

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