New Jersey Birth Certificate

Lost Your New Jersey Birth Certificate? Here’s What to Do

Losing or misplacing your New Jersey birth certificate is very common. Getting a replacement is not that difficult when you know what to do. However, it is essential to be aware of potentially bigger problems if you believe your birth certificate was stolen and not lost.


Why do you need a State of New Jersey birth certificate?

Your State of New Jersey birth certificate proves you were born in the state. The birth certificate contains vital information like the county, borough, city, town, township, or village where you were born. It also lists your parents’ names, the hospital where you were born, and other useful information you may need someday.

Furthermore, your New Jersey birth certificate is the first form of identification you receive. The form of identification will be required later to prove your identity to obtain other forms of identification, documents, and services, including:

  • Getting a U.S. Passport
  • Receiving a Social Security Card
  • Acquiring a Marriage Certificate
  • Enrolling in School
  • Joining the Military
  • Establishing Dual-Citizenship Status
  • Obtaining a Driver’s License
  • Proving U.S. Citizenship
  • Claiming Government Benefits
  • Registering to Vote


How do I get a birth certificate replacement in New Jersey?

Copy or Replacement of New Jersey Birth CertificatesThere are several things you will need to do to get a birth certificate replacement in New Jersey.


Step #1: Gather Relevant Information

You will need to know your date of birth, place of birth, parent’s names and possibly mother’s maiden name, and parent’s dates of births and their marital status at the time of your birth.


Step #2: Request a Replacement New Jersey Birth Certificate Online

Once you have the necessary information, you can request your replacement New Jersey birth certificate online at FastFilings. We make the process simple, easy, and quick.


Step #3: Complete Our Secure Online Application

Simply provide the required information we ask for on our secure online application form. We will use this information to ensure the correct state form is completed on your behalf.


Step #4: Sign Your Documents

Once your application is completed, you will need to sign it. After it is signed, we will electronically submit your application to the New Jersey vital records office.

Please keep in mind, in some cases, you may need to mail in your application. If that applies to you, we will send you everything you need to complete the birth certificate replacement in New Jersey, including a prepaid, addressed envelope.


Step #5: Wait for Your New Jersey Birth Certificate

Your replacement New Jersey birth certificate will be mailed to your home address.


What If my New Jersey birth certificate was stolen?

You will want to take extra precautions if you believe your New Jersey birth certificate was stolen and not merely lost or misplaced. It can be beneficial to report it to your local police department and the vital records office in New Jersey.

Additionally, you will want to report the stolen birth certificate to the appropriate government identity theft websites and credit bureaus. It is equally beneficial to start a credit monitoring subscription to be alerted to potentially fraudulent activities, such as someone trying to open a new credit card or obtain a signature loan in your name.


Keep Your Replacement Birth Certificate Secure

After receiving your State of New Jersey birth certificate online through FastFilings, it is vital to keep it in a secure location like in a lockbox, safe, or safety deposit box at your bank or credit union. This way, you will not have to worry about losing it or misplacing it again.

For birth certificate replacement in New Jersey, apply online at FastFilings today! You may also contact us using our online contact form if you have further questions or require assistance.

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