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FastFilings Reviews, aka Fast Filings is a government document preparation and filing service. They have been in business since 2014, and are based in Sausalito, California. Fast Filings has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 3245 reviews and complaints across the web, indicating that nearly all customers are satisfied with their service.

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Rating: 5/5, (Excellent)

Fast Filings has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars, which is considered excellent.

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9/13/2022 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Sisi L.  Fast response, very good service.

4/19/2022 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Stephany A.  Fast, Efficient, Worry Free!
Not A Scam!!!

1/1/2022 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Jane H.  Easy, fast, simple, inexpensive. Great service.

1/1/2022 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Brent P.  Extremely surprised and impressed. They turned my CA Statement of Information around in just a day and emailed it over to me. I will use Fast Filings for all my future business filing needs. Thank you very much.

8/9/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Lois T. I thought I was probably going to be losing my money, because the process was so simple. We contacted Fast Filings twice by email, but that didn’t make me feel better. We had gone through a very long process with another company and did not get the seller’s permit.

IT CAME TODAY. The whole process is too easy to believe. I believe. We have our seller’s permit. I highly recommend this company.

8/6/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Brett V. Really fast. Not complicated. 1 step.

7/20/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ William G. I used fast filings to do a California DBA for us. It was incredibly convenient, and no doubt saved me time and hassle. The order process took about 5 minutes, and in just a few days I received all of the completed and prepared DBA application paperwork. All I had to do was sign the documents, write a check for government fees, and place that all into the prepaid envelope. So convenient. Thank you Fast Filings, I will be back in the future!

6/4/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Jazzmine M. I stumbled across Fast Filings when searching for a seller’s permit. The process was quick and painless. After a few questions on my end, Fast Filings was able to obtain the permit for me in 3 days!

5/31/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Rachel H. I can’t believe how easy it was to change my name. I got married a nearly 6 months ago and I have been dreading the name change process, I have heard it is a major, major hassle. But after a quick Google search, I stumbled on Fast Filings, and it took less than 10 minutes to complete their online name change process. MUCH appreciated. I never go out of my way to leave positive reviews for businesses, but I had to leave a positive review for Fast Filings! Thank you soooo much. 


4/30/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Michael H. Finished my whole business filing process in about 5 minutes. I can’t believe it was this easy. Well, well worth the money.


3/4/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Julie I. quick and easy Thank you!!!

1/12/2021 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Nonnie R. Super fast, saved me a lot of footwork. Wish I new about your service a long time ago. Thank you!

12/20/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ June B. Thank you for the fast turnaround. Exceeded expectations. Have a great holiday!

12/17/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Barry H. Fast and easy. I needed an Illinois sales permit to buy some thing wholesale. Within 2 weeks it arrived at my door. I will use Fast Filings in the future, what a great service.

10/20/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Daniel B. Fast and easy.

10/18/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Sean I. Super quick costs as exactly as expressed on homepage and everything as expected thank you.

10/18/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Joseph G. I would have to say it was almost too simple, but thankful for simplicity also!

10/16/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Kenny V. Wow so fast and easy.

10/16/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Eric B. Incredibly simple and fast! thank you for organizing everything for me!

10/16/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Salvador Martinez. Very good application

8/11/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Venkat V. Received EIN quickly!

8/8/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Rose G. It was quick and easy.

8/7/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Rudolph T. Very easy self explanatory.

8/6/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Sheila S. wrote: Greatly helpful site I been to when it comes to expedited seller permit and so amazed doing business with this company. It’s way fast and reliable. Keep it up and more power to you all!

Merchant Response: Hi Sheila, thank you so much for taking the time to leave review for FastFilings. We are so glad you had a good experience with us!

-The Fast Filings Reviews Team

8/6/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ LaSaun G. wrote: No lie, I was pleased with the easy access. Then it got better! For a little bit of nothing I was able to pay for a same day transmission.

8/6/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Dan R. wrote: Excellent company! Great website. Easy to navigate, very fast results. Would recommend this company for fast professional service. Top Notch Company!!

8/5/2020 – 5/5 stars.
★★★★★ Yuvrajvir S. wrote: 
Excellent service. Fast and easy.