Changing Your Legal Name

Top 5 Reasons People Legally Change Their Names

Your name is something that follows you every day of your life. So what if you want to change yours? You aren’t alone! There are many different reasons people change their name

One of the top reasons why people change their name is simply because they don’t like their current name. Believe it or not, not liking your name is one of the valid reasons to change your name. Some change it because their name is hard to pronounce. Others prefer to be called by a nickname or their middle name.

Another reason to change your name is due to a marriage or divorce. Name changes are part of the legal process when your marital status changes. Maybe you want to hyphenate your name with your new spouse, or maybe you want to go back to your old last name after getting divorced.

Name changes can also apply to children. Certain life circumstances, such as the child being adopted by a relative or step-parent, can warrant a name change. Parents may also want to change their child’s last name after getting married.

People want to feel comfortable with their name! This is why so many transgender people choose to change their first name to one that best aligns with their gender identity. A name change enables that person to enter a new phase of their life, or it’s a celebration of their transition.

Some first and last names are deeply rooted in history. In fact, some names are associated with a particular heritage. People can change their name if it doesn’t reflect their genetic heritage. Names can also be changed if you’re experiencing discrimination because your name is linked to a certain ethnicity.

Changing your name is a legal process that requires filing paperwork with the proper agencies. FastFilings makes the process much less cumbersome with an easy-to-use online tool that takes just a few clicks. Visit today and change your name to one that you love! Read on for more information about name changes.

Why Do People Change Their Legal Name Infographic Changing Your Legal Name

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