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Also known as a resale license, wholesale Permit, seller's permit, sales/use tax certificate, Resale certificate, resale permit, certificate of authority, etc.
· Required in all US states ·
· Avoid paying sales taxes on purchases ·
· Qualify for wholesale pricing ·

A wholesale/sales license is required in all 50 US states for any business selling tangible goods. This license also allows you to avoid paying sales taxes on purchases, to quality for wholesale discount pricing, and to stay compliant with state rules.​

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This license is also known as Resale License, Wholesale Permit, Seller's Permit, Sales/Use Tax Certificate, Resale Certificate, Resale Permit, Certificate Of Authority, Etc.
✓ Required for any business selling tangible goods.
✓ Avoid paying sales tax on purchases.
✓ Qualify for wholesale discount pricing.
✓ Rush processing.

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All you need to do is fill out our convenient online form. Before you begin, gather the following information:

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  • Social Security number
  • Driver license number of the owner or an officer
  • Projected monthly sales