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Need help or have questions? Please check out the help topics below, as these can answer about 90% of customer questions. 

Update: 3/27/23:  we are slightly behind on order processing at the moment as we have had a large increase in order volume. We are doing our best to catch up, and we appreciate you being patient with us!!

For almost all of our services, we list clear processing time estimates on your confirmation email. Please locate your confirmation email to see processing times. Processing times are just estimates. Don’t see your confirmation email? Make sure to check your spam folder.

The timeframes we list are business days, not calendar days. We often list government processing times in addition to our processing times. 

Again, your confirmation email is your best resource.

Has it been longer than the timeframes listed for order delivery? A few common reasons:

  • Processing times are just estimates, sometimes things take longer than expected.
  • For many services, we deliver the item by email. If you are using a low quality email service (for example,,,,, etc), our delivery email probably went into your spam folder. Make sure to check your spam folder! And we always recommend switching to a quality email service.

Your confirmation email will outline various important details of your order, such as the service you ordered, processing times, delivery etc. Please review your confirmation email, as it is a great resource.

Clear and thorough service descriptions are also listed on our Service Description page, which is here. Please review your confirmation email, and the service description page before sending us questions related to service questions.

During the order process, we clearly list the refund/cancellation policy associated with the particular service. The refund/cancellation policy is also listed clearly in the Terms and Conditions, and is generally also listed on your confirmation email. Please refer to your confirmation email and the Terms and Conditions to reference the refund/cancellation policy you agreed to.

Most of our services are non-refundable, non-cancellable. There are very specific reasons we have this policy in place, and we clearly list this policy in the order process and in many places on the website.

We cannot give legal, tax, or technical advice related to business filing rules. The issuing government office is always a great resource for this type of help. If you have questions about how tax filings work, or legal questions regarding a business filing, etc., give the state office a call, they are often incredibly helpful!

Still need help? Please use the form below and we will get back to you by email. You will need to have your order number ready to submit a support ticket. Your order number is located on your confirmation email, and your confirmation email may also be able to answer your question, so please review it thoroughly before submitting a support ticket. If you cannot locate your confirmation email and order number, please let us know by clicking here.

 Our support staff fields inquiries Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm, PST. We try to respond to all support tickets quickly!