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California corporations, LLCs, and other entity types are required to file a Statement of Information.

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A Statement of Information is a report that every business entity registered in the state of California must file on an annual or biennial basis. A business that fails to file this report with the California Secretary of State on schedule can incur severe penalties, up to and including dissolution of the organization.

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What's in the Statement of Information?

In a Statement of Information, California businesses provide certain facts relevant to their operations. Businesses that fill out a CA Secretary of State Statement of Information must include the following details: 

  • The name of the organization (exactly as it’s spelled in the Secretary of State file) 
  • The organization’s Entity Number 
  • The complete street address of the company’s principal office in California
  • The name of the manager (if LLC), or CEO, Secretary, and CFO (if corporation)    
  • The name and address of the Agent for Service of Process

Information contained within a company’s CA SOS Statement of Information is accessible by the public.

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Who Must File?

The following types of business entities are required to stay up to date on their State of California Secretary of State Statement of Information filings: 

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Credit unions  
  • All other types of corporations (whether formed in California or elsewhere)
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)

When Is It Due?

Business entities are required to file their initial State of California Statement of Information within 90 days of registering with the Secretary of State. After that, the Statement of Information must be filed on an annual or biennial basis, depending on the type of organization in question:

  • Every year: Stock, agricultural cooperative, and registered foreign corporations
  • Every two years: Nonprofits, credit unions, LLCs, and general cooperative corporations

Ongoing Statement of Information filings must be done within a six-month period that is calculated as ending on the last day of the calendar month in which the business was registered, and including the full five months that precede it. For example, if an LLC was registered on November 15, then its future Statement of Information filings must be received anywhere between June 1 and November 30 of the years they are due.

Businesses that must file a California Statement of Information every two years can figure out their due dates according to whether they registered in an even- or odd-numbered year. For businesses that registered in an even-numbered year (e.g., 2016, 2018, 2020), the due date for ongoing Statement of Information filings will always fall on an even-numbered year. On the same principle, businesses that registered in an odd-numbered year will always have a due date in an odd-numbered year. 

Aside from these scheduled filings, businesses are also required to file an updated Statement of Information whenever any changes are made to it (e.g., a new CFO). The California Secretary of State does not charge a fee for these updates.

What Happens If I Don't File?

Failing to file the Secretary of State California Statement of Information in a timely manner can lead to serious penalties. These include a fine of $50 (exempt organizations) or $250 (non-exempt organizations). The Secretary of State also has the authority to place your business in suspended or forfeited status, which will essentially prevent you from conducting operations. For instance, your business will not be able to sell or transfer real property, or bring an action in court. Other parties who have existing contracts with your business can void them.

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