Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a seller’s permit?
California requires a seller’s permit for most businesses involved in selling tangible goods. Having a seller’s permit also allows you to avoid paying sales tax on supplies that you plan to re-sell, and helps you qualify for wholesale discounts. However, it’s best to talk to the state directly to figure out if you do or don’t need a permit.

What Is a Seller’s Permit?
A seller’s permit is an official document that allows businesses to sell tangible goods. Anyone who sells items at the retail or wholesale level, whether they operate as an individual or a corporate entity, must first obtain a seller’s permit from their respective state before engaging in business.

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Are processing times guaranteed?
No, but we are rarely late. There are three main reasons a permit may be delayed:
1.) The applicant already has a permit in existence
2.) The applicant does not send us the requested ID card or driver license number
3.) The information the applicant entered does not match state records.

What if I have not received my seller’s permit in the specified time?
Again, this is extremely rare. But if this does happen call or email us, and we will figure out what the issue is. 9 times out of 10 one of the above reasons is the cause.

Can I get a seller’s permit directly through the state?
Yes, you can go in person to your district office. If you call us we are happy to tell you the location of the district office closest to you.

How will my seller’s permit be delivered?
We email a PDF to everyone who purchased a permit, and we mail a hard copy to those who chose that extra service.

How do I pay my sales and use tax?
Call the BOE directly. We will give you the phone number of the specific district office handling your permit if you contact us.

How do I cancel my seller’s permit if I don’t want it anymore?
Call the BOE directly. We will give you the phone number of the specific district office handling your permit if you contact us.

What if I have additional tax questions or business questions?
The Board of Equalization has consultants standing by to answer questions and give guidance. We are happy to help and answer the questions we can, but often times we will turn you to a BOE Tax Advisor.

How Can I Get a Wholesale License in California?
There are two ways to obtain a seller permit. You can either apply directly through the California Board of Equalization or you can use the expedited ordering process offered by 

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Do I Need a Seller’s Permit to Sell Online?
Yes. If you are a California resident who regularly sells tangible items over the internet, then you need a seller’s permit for your online business. Any individual or business who makes more than two online sales of tangible property during any 12-month period must first obtain a seller permit from the state of California.

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