Service Descriptions is a document preparation and filing service for certain government documents or filings. We use the information you provide to prepare and/or file documents on your behalf. 

    Seller permit/wholesale license/business registration filing services:

Please note that each state uses different terminology for this registration. For example, in California this is called a “seller’s permit”, in Texas it is called a “sales and use tax permit” and in New York it is called a “certificate of authority”. Some common other terms for this item are: wholesale license, resale license, sales and use tax registration, sales license, seller’s license, resellers permit, certificate of authority, seller’s permit (and the list could go on). We will refer to this item in this section as “license/permit” and as “seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit”. 

Our service is the act of filing the seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit registration request with the appropriate state dept. of revenue/tax/finance. Although non-delivery of a permit is extremely rare, we cannot guarantee delivery. Our service fee is simply the fee for us to file for the seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit request for the client.

It’s important to note that the most common reasons for a seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit to not be issued are: a) one already exists or has been filed for the entity or b) the entity or person has outstanding tax liability. Again, in the event that the state cannot issue the seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit, this DOES NOT entitle a refund because our service is strictly the service of filing the request, but cannot guarantee issuance of the actual permit or delivery. Although, this situation is fairly rare.

This service is non-refundable. Please read the below paragraph CAREFULLY.

Our seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit registration service is NON REFUNDABLE, and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. This means that if the state office cannot issue the permit, this does not entitle a refund. If there is a duplicate seller permit/wholesale license/business registration/sales license/wholesale permit in the state system, causing a rejection in the filing, this does not entitle a refund. If the state office requests additional info from the client such as an account number, photo ID, etc. , and the client is unwilling or unable to provide this additional information, this does not entitle a refund. If the client has an existing unpaid tax liability, and the state has put the filing on hold, this does not entitle a refund. If the state cannot issue the permit/license, or has put the request on hold for ANY REASON, this does not entitle a refund. Again, our service is STRICTLY the service of filing the request, and it DOES NOT guarantee issuance or delivery.

However, please note that non-issuance of a permit/license is fairly rare, and almost always only happens if 1) there is already an existing permit/license, or 2) the applicant has an outstanding unpaid tax liability.  If there is an issue with issuance of the permit/license, we can almost always help the customer troubleshoot the issue. In most cases, the client can contact the state to close the existing permit, pay the outstanding tax liability, or resolve whatever the issue is, which usually then allows the permit/license to be issued.

    CA business tax registration filing services (often referred to as a city business license):

Our city business registration service is the service of filing for and setting up a city business tax registration for a client. Please be aware that each city uses different terminology for this type of registration. For example, Los Angeles calls it a “business tax registration” and San Francisco calls it a “business license”.

     DBA Assistance Services:

 Our DBA / FBN assistance service has a few parts:

1) Perform your name availability research through the county to confirm the DBA name is available.
2) Perform your pre-filing through the county (where applicable, such as LA County)
3) Fully prepare your filing documents and tailored next steps instructions for completing the DBA registration.
4) Prepare prepaid mailing materials for you to submit the required items.

5) Deliver these to you by mail.

In placing an order with us, you have to check a box agreeing to understanding that DBA services are non-refundable, and that you understand the service description. DBA service packages mail out via regular US mail. We do this to keep or prices low. Keep in mind we DO NOT guarantee that filings will be accepted (ie they can be rejected), or that the county will not request additional items. There are many, many, reasons beyond our control such that a county office will request additional items or changes to approve the DBA filing. While this is rare, it does happen.

     CA Statement of Information Filing Service:

Our CA Statement of Information filing service is one where we will file a Statement of Information for the customer with the CA Secretary of State. This filing will be viewable in the CA Secretary of State online system usually a few days after we file.