Services Descriptions is a document preparation and filing service for certain government documents or filings. We use the information you provide to prepare and/or file documents on your behalf. 

Seller permit/business registration filing services:

Our seller’s permit filing or business registration service is the act of filing the permit or registration request with the appropriate issuing government office. The permit or registration certificate may be delivered by email or mail, depending on how the issuing government office issues the permit. And in some cases, there is no delivery at all; the registration or permit filing simply stays on record with the government office.

DBA / FBN assistance services:

Our DBA / FBN assistance service has a few parts:

1) Perform your name availability research through the county to confirm the DBA name is available.
2) Perform your pre-filing through the county (where applicable, such as LA County)
3) Fully prepare your filing documents and tailored next steps instructions for completing the DBA registration.
4) Prepare prepaid mailing materials for you to submit the required items.

5) Deliver these to you by mail.

In placing an order with us, you have to check a box agreeing to understanding that DBA services are non-refundable, and that you understand the service description.

Passport Renewal Assistance Services:

Our passport renewal assistance service consists of a few parts:

  1. Gathering and preparing the DS-82 or other paperwork/application and materials for your specific passport renewal request. 
  2. Preparing customized next steps to assist in gathering/submitting items that are required by the US Department of State for the passport renewal request.
  3. Preparing a prepaid/pre-addressed USPS Priority label and envelope for the client to submit the required items to the US Department of State/National Passport Processing Center.
  4. Delivering all of these items by mail to the client.

Please note that government fees are not included in our passport service fee.