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What Is a Statement of Information?

Operating a business requires providing certain information and filing this information with your state regularly. One such requirement is submitting a statement of information, either annually or every other year, depending on your state’s requirements and the type of business.

A statement of information provides a detailed overview of an organization’s operations, financial status, and other information that reflects how the business is performing. Other information you need to supply on the statement of information could include:

  • The registered name of the business and DBA name
  • The names of all officers, directors, managers, etc. 
  • The physical location of the business
  • The address and phone number of the business
  • Financial statements and various financial reports for the business

Please keep in mind that the information you need to provide varies based on your state’s requirements and the type of business. Furthermore, you will need to file a new statement of information upon creating your business and anytime major changes occur between regular filings. 

To learn more about what a statement of information is, we invite you to review the following infographic. 

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What is Statement of Information and How Does It Work

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