The Definitive Guide to Making the Ultimate Mission Statement

The Definitive Guide to Making the Ultimate Mission Statement

One way to show you are serious about doing business is to obtain a California resale certificate. Another way is to define your business goals by crafting a mission statement—but how do you write a statement that impresses? This guide will show you how to write a mission statement for real and lasting impact.

What a Mission Statement Does

What is the purpose of a mission statement? To define your business by answering three main questions about it: what it does for customers, employees, and owners—as well as how it does this. While the answers to these questions may be immediately apparent to you, the real task is to answer them in a way that distinguishes your business from everyone else.

A mission statement is also a valuable business tool. It shapes your office culture, keeps your business on track, and ensures everyone is on the same page about why they are there.

Define the Purpose of Your Business

Some mission statement examples are little more than an ineffective jumble of popular buzzwords and insider jargon. However, this can be completely avoided by clearly defining your business’s purpose. The purpose of your business will be what it sells. You may sell women’s clothes online or provide cleaning services, for instance.

Think About Your Core Values

Now that you know your business’s purpose, you need to explain how you achieve it. This will involve thinking about those values which are important to you and are reflected in your business. For the online clothing company, example core values for customers could be as follows:

  • Well-made items
  • Reasonable prices
  • Friendly customer service

Once you’ve generated a list of “how” for customers, employees, and owners, it’s time to include the “why’s” in your writing of a mission statement.

The Reasons for Your Business

Answering the “why” involves remembering what sparked you to start your business. Using the clothing example, maybe you had trouble finding quality clothing online. Or, maybe you wanted to help an elderly relative find the clothing they want. However many reasons there are, write down as many as you can think of for each heading.

Keep It Short

While your mission statement should be longer than a few words, it’s important to be succinct. For example, if the creating of a mission statement resulted in more confusion than explanation,  it can probably benefit from a rewrite. The same is true if it’s a paragraph long and repeats itself in different ways.

Keep It Short

Use It

The final step is to advertise your mission statement. Make it visible to employees and put it on your letterhead, website, marketing materials, and anywhere else you can think of—and get ready for increased success.

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