8 Mistakes That Can Lead to License Revocation in California

The state of California has many regulations for attaining and keeping a business license. A license revocation can threaten the existence of your business. Staying afloat means being up on the most current federal, state, county, and city regulations related to selling items or services. On top of that, specific standards and regulations apply to different industries and the services offered by companies in each sector.

Business owners tend to make common mistakes that can cause them to lose their license, so it’s important to know what rules apply to your business. To avoid future problems, know what and how many licenses you need and the zoning laws in your area. Always be honest when reporting information that requires numerical accuracy or which is required on a license application and address complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.

Below are eight common mistakes that can get your business license revoked. Depending on the cause, getting re-licensed can be challenging if not impossible. The results range from temporary hardship to being forbidden to operate in your city or county, in California, or anywhere. Various other penalties may apply as well. It’s essential to know these common mistakes so you can avoid them.

8 Mistakes That Can Lead to License Revocation in California Infographic

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