File a Statement of Information on Monterey, CA

How Businesses in Monterey CA File a Statement of Information

On the hardworking central coast, businesses in Monterey, CA include everything from cannery row and seafood restaurants to gift shops and marine attractions. All of these businesses will need to file a statement of information in California to legally operate in Monterey County.


What Is a California Statement of Information?

The California Statement of Information is a business filing that may be known as an annual report in other areas of the country. Your business in Monterey will need to file this statement to keep your operation in good standing with the Secretary of State. Depending on the kind of corporation, LLC, cooperative, or nonprofit you operate in Monterey, you will need to file every year or every two years.


Who Is Required to File a Statement of Information in Monterey, CA?

Almost without exception, your business enterprise will need to file a statement of information in the state of California to operate here. This includes all:

  • Domestic and foreign corporations
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Agricultural cooperatives


When Is My California Statement of Information Due?

When you form or register a business entity in Monterey CA, you have 90 days to file your initial statement of information. The calendar month in which you filed your first statement of information will always be the month when your updated information is due.

For example, if you first filed a statement of information on October 15th, you will have until the end of October to file annually or biannually going forward. Corporations and agricultural cooperatives will file every year. LLCs and nonprofits will file every other year.

If your information is up to date with the Secretary of State, you should receive a reminder as your due date approaches, but it is your responsibility to file on time to avoid late fees or dissolution of your businesses. You may file up to five calendar months early if you wish.


What Information Is Needed to File a Statement of Information?

You will need some basic information to file for businesses in Monterey, CA. Be ready to complete or update the information you provided in your initial statement, including:

  • The registered name of your business and the entity number provided by the state
  • The physical and mailing addresses of your principal executive offices
  • Updated names and addresses for officers, owners, managers, and directors
  • A statement describing the up-to-date nature of your business and services provided
  • Contact information for the official Agent for Service of Process


What Are the Penalties for Failing to File a Statement of Information?

How Businesses in Monterey CA File a Statement of InformationIf your due date passes and you do not file a statement of information for your business in Monterey, you will be notified of delinquency by a letter from the Secretary of State’s office. This notice gives you 60 days to bring your information up to date and will notify you of the late fee for filing. You may petition to have the late fee waived if the delay was caused by a hardship situation.

You may file online or by paper forms with the state office in Sacramento. If your filing is not updated within the 60-day window, your business entity could be suspended or dissolved by the State of California. If this happens, you are not legally allowed to do business in the state. You will need to petition the Franchise Tax Board for a return to active status.


Online Business Filing Options for Your Business in Monterey, CA

Your Monterey business is eligible for California statement of information online filing. Avoid the delays of using paper forms and mailings and file online with FastFilings authorized service. If your deadline is approaching fast or you simply want to file early for peace of mind, you can file your California statement of information today for a small service fee.

Don’t let your business or nonprofit run into problems with simple business filings. You can complete your California statement of information online filing in just a few minutes, have it checked for completeness and accuracy, and file today with FastFilings.

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