Statement of Information in Salinas, CA

Filing a Statement of Information for Businesses in Salinas CA

Nestled in historic farmland and fertile wine country, businesses in Salinas, CA have a year-round market of residents and visitors that support a thriving economy in Steinbeck country. In the middle of the unspoiled beauty and destination dining, all businesses, cooperatives, and nonprofits will need to file a statement of information in California.


Learn More About the California Statement of Information

Your business in Salinas will need to file a statement of information with the Secretary of State either each year or every other year. This business filing is the same as an annual report and is required for all corporations, nonprofit organizations, limited liability companies, and agricultural cooperatives in the state.


Which Businesses in Salinas CA Need to File?

If you do business in Salinas or the surrounding Monterey County, you will need to file a California Statement of Information for these organizations:

  • Foreign and domestic corporations
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Nonprofit facilities and organizations


When Is a Statement of Information Due in California?

You need to file your initial statement of information within 90 days of forming your business in Salinas or elsewhere in California. You will file updates each year or every other year in the same calendar month as your initial filing. If you file in the middle of February, you will file your renewals by the end of February either annually or biannually.

  • Corporations and agricultural cooperatives will file every year.
  • LLCs and nonprofits will file every two years.

You will receive a reminder to file about three months before your due date, but it is your responsibility to file on time to avoid penalties, late fees, or business interruptions. You are allowed to file up to five months before your due date.


What Will I Need to File a California Information Statement?

Filing a Statement of Information for Businesses in Salinas CAYou will need basic information about your business or organization to complete your renewal statement of information in Salinas, California. This will include:

  • The business entity number and organization name you registered with the state
  • Current addresses for the principal executive office
  • A statement outlining the types of services and nature of your business
  • Current names and addresses of managers, owners, officers, or directors
  • Current information to contact your Agent for Service of Process


What Happens if You Miss the Statement of Information Due Date?

If your statement of information due date passes, you should receive a notice of delinquency and have 60 days to complete the information and pay a late fee. If you do not file during this grace period, your business entity could be dissolved and you will not be able to operate in California until it is reinstated.


Can You File Your Salinas CA Statement of Information Online?

The state of California allows your Salinas business to file by mail, using an authorized online filing service or the self-serve online portal on the State of California website. Many businesses use our authorized FastFiling service to submit their statements of information without all the hassle of other methods.

Get started now for a small filing fee and take advantage of our error checking, easy-to-use interface, and expedited processing of your California statement of information online filing today.

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