10 Permits and Licenses for New Business Owners May Need

10 Permits & Licenses New Business Owners May Need

Are you wondering which permits and licenses your business needs, and how to file for them on time? Consider these 10 most common licenses and permits you should be aware of before you open your doors to the public or ship out that first order. This helpful checklist will keep you on track to open on time and without legal headaches.

Construction or remodeling permits are needed long before opening day, and you will probably need a permit to put up a sign. Certainly, you will require a federal tax ID number and, in some cases, states require one as well. From occupational licenses for stylists and yoga classes to that all-important sales tax permit, your business will need to file for these documents or risk fines, penalties, or worse from local government or regulatory agencies. 

Be prepared and ahead of the game for your grand opening by obtaining these permits and licenses directly from government agencies or by using our private, convenient, online filing service. Have you applied for these 10 essential business licenses and permits?

10 Permit & Licenses

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