How to Pick The Right Florida Name For Your Business

How to Pick the Right Name for Your Florida Business

If you are thinking of starting a business in Florida, you need to know how to come up with a business name. You need to decide if you want to use the same business name as your branding name or if you want to use different names.

The purpose of using different names is if you want one name for your business and another name that better defines what products and services your business sells. Using two different names also helps ensure you are not limiting your future growth potential. If you choose to use different names, then you will need to file a DBA (Doing Business As) when filing the forms to register your business in Florida.

Why Is a Good Business Name Important?

The purpose of coming up with business name ideas that are good is to ensure your business will stand out from the crowd. For example, you are starting a pool cleaning service, your first name is Joe, so you think that Joe’s Pool Cleaning is a great business name.

However, you plan on expanding your business later and intend to offer landscaping services as your business grows. Having the name Joe’s Pool Cleaning will not provide potential customers with a good idea of what services you offer when you expand. Registering a business name such as Joe’s Pool Cleaning & Landscaping could be a better idea.

The last thing you want to do is limit your business and have to worry about rebranding it later. While it is a possibility, it requires refiling various types of paperwork with the state. For instance, you register your business as Joe’s Pool Cleaning. Once you start offering landscaping services, then you could file a rebranding DBA to change the business brand name to Joe’s Pool Cleaning & Landscaping.

Tips for Creating a Great Business Name

Now that you know why it is a good idea to choose the right business name when starting your small business, here are some tips to help create a great business name.

#1: Research names that similar types of businesses are using.

You will want to spend some time to find out what other businesses in the same market or industry are using for their business names. You’ll want to try to avoid using a similar name for your business.

#2: Avoid business names that are hard to spell.

If your business name is hard to spell, people will have a hard time remembering your name and finding you online. You want a business name that people will remember and can easily spell when they want to search for your business online.

#3: Develop an original business name.

In our example, we used a generic business name that was not really original. Your objective should be to come up with a name that is unique so you can stand out and get noticed.

#4: Think about using a catchy business name.

A catchy business name will stick in people’s minds after hearing it once or twice. For example, if you are opening a restaurant that will feature southern-style cuisine, a name like Big Daddy’s Southern Kitchen could be perfect.

#5: Create a name that also has meaning.

The meaning of a business name is similar to branding the goods and services you intend to sell—like Trendy Home Design Services. This name lets people know that you offer home design services that are currently trending.

#6 The name should flow off the tongue when spoken.

You want your business name to sound good when it is said aloud. Say the business name several times out loud and think about how it sounds. Ask your friends and family for their feedback on how appealing the name is when spoken aloud.

#7: Think about your brand identity and target audience.

When creating your business name, think about your target audience. You also want to think about how your brand identity will be reflected in your business name.

#8: Choose a name that makes you happy.

You are sure to get input from friends and family about what to call your business. Ultimately, it is your decision, so choose a name that you are happy with and will be able to use for a long time.

#9: Repeat the process to create three or four business names.

You will want to develop at least three or four business names when brainstorming. Otherwise, if you come up with one and then later find it is already being used, you will have to go through the entire process again.

Next Steps to Starting Your Small Business

Next Steps to Starting Your Small BusinessOnce you have created three or four business name ideas, there are several more steps you will need to complete before you can officially open your small business.

Step #1: Google and Bing search the business names.

You want to see what search engines return in search results for your proposed business names. Doing so will start to give you an idea of whether there is a similarly named business in Florida.

Step #2: Search for the business names through the Secretary of the State.

You will need to do a business name search at the state level to find out if the name has already been registered by someone else.

Step #3: Check to see if the domain names for your business names are available.

You will want to register the domain name for your business to ensure no one else can use it for their website. Checking the domain name is easy when using a domain name registration service. If someone else has already registered the domain name, you may want to use a different business name.

Step #4: Search social media platforms for the business names.

You will also want to search social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for your business names. Again, if you find someone is already using that name, choose a different one.

Step #5: Conduct a trademark search.

You need to spend time performing state and federal trademark searches to verify your business name and/or DBA name are not trademarked. If you discover someone has a trademark on the name you want to use, you cannot use it and will need to come up with a different business name.

Step #6: Submit your application to register your business name.

Once you have conducted your research and verified the business name you want to use is not already registered or trademarked, you will want to register it quickly. If you intend to use a DBA name as well, this is the time to file that paperwork too.

Could My Application Be Rejected?

There is always a possibility that your business name registration could be rejected. For instance, someone else had filed to register the same business name and submitted their application a week earlier. The state would register the business name with that person and reject your application.

Why Use a Service to Register My Business Name in Florida?

While you are free to fill out and submit your business name registration yourself, it is better to get help from a service that is experienced in registering business names in Florida. For starters, your application will be completed correctly and accurately so there will not be any errors when it is submitted.

Second, the service may be able to expedite your registration for a faster turnaround time. Most important, you can avoid the hassles, headaches, and stress associated with registering your business name.

For further information about registering your small business name and help to obtain your Florida resale certificate and permit, please feel free to contact FastFilings by filling out our online request form today!

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