Out-of-Country Packing Tips

Getting away from it all by visiting another country can be the experience of a lifetime—but, before you can travel, you must pack! These are some of the most important items to include in your luggage.

Clothing Must-Haves

Check the average temperatures and weather patterns before leaving so you know what to expect. Then, pack clothing according to your itinerary, being sure to include items you can layer for warmth and protection against heat or cold.

Essential Documents

There are certain documents you should never travel without, including your ID and passport, which will benefit from being in a protective cover. Don’t forget to print tickets and reservation confirmations and pack them beforehand!

Don’t-Forget Tech

Being in a different country can mean dealing with different outlets. Where this is the case, an outlet adapter in the right shape and voltage can be one of the most practical things you pack. You’ll also want to remember to pack some cash in your destination’s currency and any medications you are taking.

Want even more great tips for what to pack before an international trip? Check out this great infographic from FastFiling.com for what you need to prepare.

Out-of-Country Packing Tips

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