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This license is also known as Resale Certificate, Seller's Permit, Sales/Use Tax Certificate, Resale Permit, Etc.
A Illinois Wholesale License has tremendous benefits:
✓ Required for ALL businesses in Illinois selling tangible goods.
✓ Avoid paying sales tax on purchases.
✓ Qualify for wholesale discount pricing.
✓ Rush processing.

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The state of Illinois has the fifth-largest economy in the U.S., due in large part to all the bustling business activity in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. This can certainly be a very profitable place for the aspiring entrepreneur. However, there are rules and regulations that you are expected to follow in order to run a legally compliant business here.

If you sell tangible goods in the state, you are probably required to have a seller’s permit, otherwise known as a sales tax permit, sales and use tax permit, resale license, or wholesale license. In Illinois, it is customarily called a sales tax license. It essentially gives you the authority to collect sales tax on applicable transactions.

With FastFilings, getting a seller’s permit in Illinois has never been easier. Our online ordering system will lead you through the process of obtaining a wholesale license in Illinois that complies with state law.

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How Do You Know If You Need an Illinois Seller’s Permit?

Most businesses operating inside the state need to have a reseller permit in Illinois. If you have a “physical presence” anywhere in the state—such as an office, a storage place, or a delivery route—then you are considered to have a “sales tax nexus” and must have one of these permits. This law applies even to businesses that are based outside Illinois.

In general, business services in Illinois that do not result in a product are not taxable. Internet-based transactions are generally exempt as well.

Sales tax nexus law in Illinois can be difficult to understand, so you are advised to consult the Illinois General Assembly website for more information.

Seller’s Permit Vs. Resale Certificate in IL

Although it’s a common mistake, an Illinois seller’s permit should not be confused with what is known as a certificate of resale. What’s the difference? A resale certificate in Illinois gives you the right to purchase goods tax-free in this state on the condition that you resell them later. When making a purchase of this nature, you are required to give an Illinois resale certificate to the seller at the time of the transaction.

How to Get an Illinois Seller’s Permit for Your Business

FastFilings’ simple online ordering form is the easiest way to get your Illinois wholesale license. First, you should gather the following info:

  • Business name
  • Type of business entity
  • Address and phone of the business
  • Driver license no. of the owner or an officer
  • Social Security no.
  • Your projected monthly sales