How to Get a Delaware Certificate of Good Standing 1

How to Get a Delaware Certificate of Good Standing

Once you have all the required permits and licenses, you can begin legally doing business in Delaware. However, there are some other documents you may want to have on hand to stay competitive. One of these is a certificate of good standing.

What Is a Certificate of Good Standing?

A certificate of good standing is a state-issued document that confirms a business is authorized to operate in Delaware, is properly registered, and is in full compliance with all laws. It helps assure business partners and clients that the business can be trusted and relied upon.

Certificates of good standing also go by other names, including:

  • Letter of good standing
  • Certificate of legal existence
  • Certificate of existence
  • Certificate of status
  • Certificate of facts

Who Needs One and Why Is It Important?

A certificate of good standing isn’t something you’re required to have to operate a business. Instead, it’s a document that others might ask to see before they agree to work with you. After all, they want to know they can trust you as a business. If you don’t have a certificate when it’s requested, you could be missing out on big opportunities.

You might need a certificate of good standing when: 

  • Soliciting investors
  • Opening a line of credit with a supplier
  • Applying for an out-of-state business license
  • Renting property for your business
  • Setting up company bank accounts
  • Leasing or purchasing company vehicles

If you think you might want to do any of the things listed above, it’s a good idea to get a Delaware certificate of existence as early as you can. This can be especially valuable for new business owners looking to get a leg up.

How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Delaware

How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing in DelawareThe most important element of getting your certificate is knowing how to keep your LLC in good standing to begin with. Ensure that you have all the proper licenses and permits in place for your business activities. You should also make sure you’re paying business taxes on time and are up to date with annual reporting. Even an unintentional mistake can cause your certificate to be denied, so take care to get everything in line.

Once you’re confident in your qualifications, you have a couple of filing options. The traditional method is to file with the state directly via a paper form. For many business owners, though, it’s easier and faster to file online with help from a company like ours.

FastFilings makes the certification process quick and easy. Here’s how it works: 

  1. First, provide some basic information about yourself and your business via our online application form. If you have all the information ready to go, this can be done in about 5 minutes.
  2. Submit your application along with a small filing fee. We’ll check it over for any errors and make sure it’s complete before sending it to the state.
  3. As soon as your certificate is ready, we’ll return it to you. We put a rush on every application, so it may even be delivered that same business day!

Easily Get the Delaware Business Documents You Need with FastFilings

Our primary goal at FastFilings is to help business owners like you get the paperwork they need in a fast, straightforward process.

Here’s why we’re the best place to order a certificate of good standing in Delaware

  • All applications are thoroughly reviewed for any errors or missing information before we submit it for processing. You’ll never have to go back and forth with the state by mail, trying to figure out what they need.
  • Documents are provided digitally, eliminating delivery time and protecting a physical certificate from being lost or damaged. 
  • The online application process is much faster than filing by mail. Our form takes just a few minutes to complete, and digital submission is instant. We can also keep you up to date on your application’s status.
  • Our small filing fee makes assistance affordable even for small, just-formed businesses.
  • We’ve been helping business owners get all kinds of important documents since 2013. Filing is what we do, and we have the kind of specialized experience you can trust. 

No matter what kind of business you run or what you plan to do with it, having a DE certificate of good standing on hand ensures that you’ll have proof of your business integrity whenever you need it.

Fill out our online form today to get started on your application for a Delaware certificate of good standing.

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