How to File a Statement of Information in Santa Barbara

How to File a Statement of Information in Santa Barbara

A charming coastal city with a population of around 90,000, Santa Barbara, CA has plenty of opportunities for the smart businessperson. The hospitality industry is thriving here, as the city is a popular tourist destination, but there is also a significant presence from the aerospace and defense, education, health care, agricultural, and finance industries. 

If you’re going to start a business in sunny Santa Barbara, though, you need to know how to file a type of business document known as a California Statement of Information. FastFilings is the ideal helper for this task. With our online ordering platform, you can spend just a few minutes typing in some business info, and we’ll do most of the legwork for you. Your Statement of Information will be filed ASAP, with minimal effort required on your part. 

What Is a California
Statement of Information?

In California, a Statement of Information is basically what most other U.S. states call an annual report. Its purpose is to keep the state’s records up to date and to provide the public with access to important information about businesses operating in California. A Statement of Information is filed with the California Secretary of State’s office and made available for public inspection. 

The Statement of Information lists and verifies certain information pertaining to a specific business, including:

  • The business’s registered name
  • The Secretary of State File Number (7 digits for corporations, 12 digits for LLCs)
  • The business street address
  • The business mailing address (if different from the street address)
  • Name and address of the Chief Executive Officer
  • Name and address of other officers, members, or managers
  • Name and address of the California Agent for service of process
  • Name and address of the director (for Stock and Agricultural Cooperative Corporations)
  • A brief description of the business

The Statement of Information must be signed and dated at the bottom by the person authorized to fill out the document.

Note that there is no Statement of Information unique to businesses in Santa Barbara. Every business in California that falls under the filing requirement must use one of the applicable statewide forms: Form SI-550 for corporations, Form LLC-12 for limited liability companies, or SI-100 for nonprofits.

Which Businesses Are
Required to File a Statement of Information?

Which Businesses Are Required to File a Statement of Information?If you run any of the following types of businesses, you are required to file a CA Statement of Information according to the state’s schedule:

  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Nonprofit
  • Agricultural cooperative
  • Registered foreign corporation (that conducts business in CA)

When Is a
Statement of Information Due?

Here’s where it gets a little complicated. Your initial Statement of Information is always due within 90 days of the registration of your business with the California Secretary of State

After this, the Statement of Information is due on an annual or biennial basis, as follows:

  • Corporations: Every year (includes stock, agricultural cooperative, and registered foreign corporations)
  • LLCs: Every other year
  • Nonprofits: Every other year

However, you can’t just file your Statement of Information any time during the year. It must be filed within a six-month window that is determined by the calendar month in which your organization was formed in the state of California. This window ends on the last day of the month, and extends backward to cover that entire month and the five full months prior. The filing period always begins on the first day of a month, and ends on the last day of the sixth month.

For example, if your business was registered on October 10, then your filing period will always begin on May 1 and end on October 31. This gives you a full six months to send in your Statement.

Note that you’re also expected to file a new Statement of Information as soon as you get a new agent for service of process, or if their address changes.

What If I Don’t File?

The state of California can and will impose serious penalties on a business that does not file its mandatory corporation or LLC Statement of Information in a timely manner. Once the due date has passed, the state will send a notice of delinquency and grant the business an additional 60 days to file. If no Statement of Information has been received by the state 60 days from the date of the delinquency notice, the Franchise Tax Board will assess a financial penalty. 

In addition, the business can also be suspended or forfeited, which prevents it from legally conducting operations in the state. A business that has been suspended/forfeited can permanently lose the right to use its name, if another entity decides to register it.

How Do I File? 

How Do I File?That’s what FastFilings is here for. Although you can always file directly with the California Secretary of State’s office, you don’t need to go through that bother when you can let FastFilings do the legwork for you. Our online system provides the simplest way for businesses to file a Statement of Information in California. And it takes just a few minutes of your time. 

To get started, visit our online CA Statement of Information filing form.   

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