File Your California Statement of Information in Chico

How to File a Statement of Information for Chico Businesses

Businesses in Chico, CA and throughout the state are required to complete a statement of information each year or every other year to protect their standing as a registered business, nonprofit, or agricultural cooperative.

Understanding the California Statement of Information
The California Statement of Information completes the annual reporting requirements for most corporations, limited liability companies, and small businesses in the state. This business filing provides up-to-date information about your organization and is required to keep your business entity in good legal standing.

Do You Need to
File a Statement of Information in Chico, CA?

Almost all businesses operating in California will need to file statements of information with the California Secretary of State. This requirement applies to:

  • LLCs (limited liability companies)
  • Corporations and foreign corporations that do business in CA
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Non-profit organizations

When Is Your Statement of Information Due?

Filing on time is very important when submitting required documents to the state of California. In Chico and the surrounding Butte County, you will follow the same timelines as other businesses in the area. You must file an initial statement of information within 90 days of forming your company or organization.

After the initial information filing, you will file every year if you run a corporation, foreign corporation, or agricultural cooperative. Businesses that are organized as LLCs or nonprofits will file every other year. Your due date will always be in the calendar month that you filed your initial statement of information in California.

What Information Will You Need to File?

You can file your statement of information online or mail it directly to the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento. You may also use an approved online service to simplify the required filings for your small business. In order to complete your forms, you will need to know:

  • The registered name of your organization and the entity number assigned by the state
  • The name and address of the Agent for Service of Process
  • The names and addresses of managers, members, officers, and directors
  • A statement outlining the type of business and services provided
  • Up-to-date physical and mailing addresses for the executive office or headquarters

What Happens if Your Statement of Information Is Late?

While it is relatively easy to complete your statement of information forms online, if your business misses the deadline to file there is still a window to rectify the situation. Instead of the small filing fees normally required, you may be forced to pay a $250 fee for filing late. 

Once your filing date has passed, the State will attempt to notify you that you are delinquent and provide you with 60 days to file your information with the Secretary of State. If you do not file as required, your business entity may be dissolved or suspended, which has serious financial and legal consequences for your business.

Don’t Wait to File Your California Statement of Information in Chico

How to File a Statement of Information for Chico BusinessesWhether you are opening a business in Chico, CA or just want to keep your Butte County business entity safe and secure, don’t wait to file your required forms. In California, you are able to file your statement of information up to six months before the due date. The process is even simpler when you use FastFilings.

Using our secure and approved filing service, you will be walked through the process and can complete your filing in just a few minutes. Once you have submitted your statement of information through our service, we will error-check the submission and submit it for rapid processing. There’s no faster way to meet the requirements for your Northern California small business filings!

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