How to Come Up With a Business Name

How to Come Up with a Business Name

Deciding on how to come up with a business name for your new business might not seem difficult. However, rushing hastily into this decision can have long-lasting effects on your business. 

For example, if you choose a name that doesn’t fit with the products and services you offer, you may not attract the customers you need to be successful. As such, how to pick a business name takes some careful consideration, thought, and planning. 

Once you start coming up with names, you need to ensure that you understand the differences between a legal business name and a DBA (doing business as) name. The legal business name is the legal name of the business and can include the name of the business owners depending on the business structure. Furthermore, all businesses must have a legal business name. 

However, some businesses decide to use a DBA which allows them to create a name that better fits with the products and services they will offer. In addition, it will enable them to avoid using the business owners’ names when required by law. The DBA name is also the name you will use for marketing and advertising purposes. 

To find out other considerations you need to know when deciding how to name a business, we invite you to continue reviewing the following infographic. Afterward, to quickly and easily obtain your seller’s permit—an essential document many businesses need—please feel free to apply online at FastFilings today! 

How to Come Up with a Business Name Infographic

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