Filing a Statement of Information in San Luis Obispo, CA

Filing a Statement of Information in San Luis Obispo, CA

Does your San Luis Obispo business need to file a statement of information online in California? Most business entities will need to file either an annual report or a California statement of information to keep their business in good standing. You can complete these required business filings online to streamline the process.

What Is the Purpose of a Statement of Information?

Filing a statement of information with the California Secretary of State ensures that your contact information and important details about your business structure is kept up to date. Businesses in San Luis Obispo can use a California statement of information online filing service or complete the required forms for mail or upload them directly to the state office.

For small businesses, the statement of information replaces the annual report that larger organizations are required to file. Most small businesses in San Luis Obispo, CA can use this one-page form to complete their filing requirements. Depending on your business structure, you will file every year or every other year.

Is Your California Business Required to File a Statement of Information?

Your business operating in San Luis Obispo or anywhere in California will need to file a statement of information if it is:

  • A limited liability company (California LLC)
  • A California corporation operating in the state
  • A registered foreign corporation operating in the state
  • An agricultural cooperative
  • A nonprofit company or organization

There are late fees if your business delays filing corporation or LLC statements of information. If you do not file at all, your business organization can be dissolved and you can no longer legally do business in California, so the stakes are high for small businesses.

Due Dates for Statement of Information Filing in California

Your business must file the initial statements of information within 90 days of forming. After your initial statement, you will file every year, or every other year, in the calendar month of your first filing date.

  • California LLCs and nonprofit organizations will file every other year, or biennially.
  • Corporations, agricultural coops, and registered foreign corporations will file every year, or annually.

As an example, if you started your LLC in San Luis Obispo and filed your initial statement of information in May of 2023, your next one will be due by May 31st, 2025. If you incorporate or form a co-op, it would be due by May 31st, 2024. You have a 6-month window to pay prior to the due date. Corporation statements of information use form SI-550, while LLCs use form LLC-12.


What Will You Need to File Your California Statement of Information?

You will need some very basic information about your business and in most cases, your statement can be filed online. If you use an approved filing service like FastFilings, you will pay the state filing fee of $25 plus a small service fee. Alternatively, you can file directly with the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento.

You will need to be prepared with this information to complete the online filing:

  • The legal name of the business in California
  • The business entity number issued to you in CA
  • The address of the main business office
  • The names and addresses of the owners, registered agents, chief executive officer, and agent for service of process
  • Up-to-date physical and mailing address information
  • A statement about the nature of the business

Did Your San Luis Obispo Business Miss the Deadline to File?

If your business misses the deadline to file a required statement of information in California, the state will send a late notice to your mailing address on file. This notice gives you 60 days to file and may require a late fee of up to $275. You may apply for this fee to be waived if a hardship prevented you from filing on time.

If the delinquency notice goes unanswered, the State of California can revoke, suspend, or legally dissolve your business entity. This has dire and expensive consequences and can shut your business down or leave it vulnerable to fines and legal action. You will need to apply to the Franchise Tax Board, which may or may not decide to reinstate your business.

Take 5 Minutes to Complete Your Statement of Information Filing Online

Take 5 Minutes to Complete Your Statement of Information Filing OnlineIs the statement of information for your San Luis Obispo business, nonprofit, or cooperative due within the next six months? You can complete your filing today using FastFilings online form and convenient service. With automatic error checking and an easy to use system, you can take care of this business requirement in just a few minutes and move on to the real work of running your business on the beautiful central coast.

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