Divorce Legal Document Checklist Cover

Checklist of Divorce Legal Documents

Having the right legal documents can make an already-difficult divorce much easier, but which documents do you actually need?

Though your divorce lawyer will help you identify the exact documents you’ll need, there should be enough documentation to establish a clear picture of your assets and liabilities. By having a complete picture of your wealth on paper, you’ll save time and money while potentially expediting divorce proceedings and asset distribution.

Generally, every divorce requires some form of income or tax documents from any income sources over the previous year. Depending on your work and employment status, these documents might include paycheck stubs, tax returns, and any bank statements reflecting income.

Other financial documents may also be necessary for processing your divorce. In addition to income and tax documents, you should also provide any other documents establishing existing wealth and assets, such as bank and investment account statements, debt and credit statements, and retirement information.

Beyond financial documents, you should also provide documents related to real estate and personal assets. Examples of these documents might include legal descriptions and mortgage statements for real estate, inventories of household items, titles and registrations for vehicles, and ownership records for any other assets or personal property.

While it may be a lot of work, gathering as many of these documents as possible can save loads of time and complication in the future. For a complete list and more information, refer to the infographic below and visit FastFilings for quick and easy document filing.

Divorce Legal Document Checklist Infographic

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