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Better Business Bureau: Why You Should Apply to Become an Accredited Business

Trust is a major buying consideration for many customers, especially as more businesses move their operations online. While earning a customer’s trust can be a gradual process, joining the BBB instantly and effectively proves that your business is worth trusting.

What Is the BBB?

Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining standards of integrity and security for businesses in the United States and Canada. To become a BBB accredited business, applicants must hold an operating business license (such as a CA resale certificate for California residents) for at least six months and follow the BBB’s Standards for Trust.

The BBB’s Standards for Trust are comprised of eight categories emphasizing honesty, integrity, and transparency in every facet of business operation. Since all BBB accredited businesses are held to the same high standard, BBB accreditation has become a widely recognized and trusted symbol of integrity.

Advantages of BBB Accreditation

BBB accredited businesses enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:


BBB accreditation proves to your customers that your business is trustworthy. As customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that they can trust, BBB accreditation can help set your business apart from the competition and increase sales.

Consumer Visibility

The BBB maintains a network of its accredited businesses that customers can search through the BBB website. This tool provides your business with increased visibility and exposure through a medium where trust has already been established.

Client Referrals

The BBB’s network of accredited businesses also has the added benefit of increasing referrals from both customers and other accredited businesses. Just as customers are more likely to recommend a trustworthy business to their friends and family, BBB accredited businesses are also more likely to recommend another accredited business when making referrals.


BBBHow to Become BBB Accredited

Becoming BBB accredited is relatively straightforward, but there are a few important requirements. According to the bureau, any business wanting to become accredited must do the following:

Obtain a Business License

To become BBB accredited, a business must obtain and hold a valid business license for at least six months. Business licenses vary by type and location; for example, businesses operating in the state of California may need a California resale certificate.

Comply with the BBB Standards for Trust

Before applying, take time to review your business’ operations and determine whether they’re following the BBB Standards for Trust.

Apply at

If you’ve held a business license for at least six months and complied with BBB standards, apply for accreditation at and get the instant recognition your business deserves.

How to Get a California Resale Certificate

If you operate a business in the state of California, then you may need a state of California resale certificate to become eligible for BBB accreditation.

Going through the legal work shouldn’t have to be difficult, however; with, filling out and submitting your California resale certificate and resale tax certificate becomes quick and easy. Visit to get started and take the next step toward BBB accreditation.

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