Los Angeles Tax Registration Certificate

What Is a Los Angeles Tax Registration Certificate and Who Needs One?

There are several licenses and permits every business needs to operate legally, but if you’ll soon be opening a business in the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles tax registration certificate is one document you simply cannot go without; here’s everything you need to know.


What Is an LA Seller’s Permit?

This permit is required for all businesses in the city of Los Angeles so that they can legally receive payment for the goods and services they sell, pay their yearly business taxes, and remain within the confines of the law. For the sake of clarity, it’s important to note that there is more than one name for this document, including:

  • Business tax registration certificate
  • BTRC
  • LA tax registration permit
  • California sales tax certificate

Registering for this permit has several benefits. Most first-time business owners won’t have to pay their business taxes for their first two years of operation. As well, possessing this permit means that you avoid fees, fines, lawsuits, and other serious consequences of operating illegally.


Who Needs and Doesn’t Need a Los Angeles Seller’s Permit?

The majority of companies doing business in LA will need to apply for a BTRC, but many organizations do not need one. Examples of tax-exempt businesses are as follows. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor will all businesses of these types qualify for tax-exempt status.

  • Small businesses having fewer than $100,000 in receipts annually
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Creative artists
  • Religious organizations
  • Nexus businesses, or those with a physical presence of six days or less in a calendar year
  • Small family daycare homes serving eight children or fewer1

It’s important to check with the Los Angeles Office of Finance website to confirm whether or not your business is exempt.


What Information Is Needed to Register for an LA Tax Certificate?

Los Angeles Seller's PermitIf you’ve confirmed that your business requires a Los Angeles BTRC, you will need to gather specific information and/or complete other applications to apply.

Your social security number is required if your business is a sole proprietorship, but other entities like corporations and LLCs will have to have their Federal Employment Identification Number or FEIN to apply. You’ll also need a description of your business activity. This page lists all of the tax registration requirements.


How to Get a Seller’s Permit in Los Angeles—Fast

The process of applying for a Los Angeles BTRC can be both time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for new business owners. Not only that, but it can take weeks to receive your certificate in the mail via standard processing.

FastFilings helps you file your Los Angeles seller’s permit application fast. We review, error-check, and confirm the information you’ve entered in your application documents. Then, we send them directly to your local issuing office. Visit FastFilings online to learn more.



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