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Also Known As A Certificate Of Status, Certificate Of Existence, Etc.​​
A Texas certificate of good standing is required for most LLCs and Corps
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Texas Certificate of Good Standing

Business owners often have trouble figuring out which kinds of state-issued documents they need and what each one does. That’s certainly understandable. There are permits to collect sales tax, licenses for specific types of occupations, and certificates of formation indicating your registration with the proper government agency—and those are only a few of the business documents issued by the state. Among the types of documents that businesses need for certain transactions is something generally called a Certificate of Good Standing

This is a type of business certificate recognized all over the U.S., and it has a confusing variety of names that depend on which state is issuing it. In Texas, it’s officially called a Certificate of Fact – Status (CFS), but other states usually refer to it by one or more alternative names, such as certificate of authentication, certification of authorization, certificate of existence, or certificate of compliance, among other variations. By whatever name, it provides official verification that your business is currently recognized as a valid entity by the state.

What can you do if you need to get a Certificate of Fact – Status? Just let FastFilings guide you. We’ve devised a simple online ordering process—all you need to do is spend a few minutes typing in some data relating to your business, and we’ll get the paperwork to your address ASAP. It’s the easiest way to obtain one of these certificates of good standing

What Is a Certificate of Good Standing in Texas?

A Certificate of Fact – Status—which in Texas is often called a Certificate of Good Standing—is a one-page black-and-white document that essentially attests to the legal validity of your business in the state. It includes several pieces of data: the official name of the business, the file number of the business, the type of business structure it operates under (e.g., LLC), the date of registration, and a statement that the business is still in existence as a legal entity.

A CFS is issued by the Texas Secretary of State, and it has the status of a legal document. It contains the signature of the Secretary of State and the Seal of the State of Texas.

It is important to understand that a Certificate of Fact – Status is not the same as a Certificate of Account Status, which is issued by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. A Certificate of Account Status relates specifically to the franchise tax account status of the business. Failure to file a franchise tax report or pay franchise tax can result in the forfeiture of an organization’s right to conduct business in Texas. To make matters more confusing, a Certificate of Account Status was formerly called a Certificate of Good Standing by the state of Texas

If another organization is requesting a “Certificate of Good Standing” for your business in order to conduct a transaction of some kind, it’s best to confirm with them exactly which type of document is needed. In some cases, you may be asked to provide a copy of both.

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How Do I Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Texas?

You can obtain a Certificate of Fact – Status if your business has been officially registered with the state of Texas and is legally recognized as in active operation. In Texas, corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and limited partnerships (LPs) are required to file a certificate of formation with the state. Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) have the option of filing with the state, but this is not required. 

You can always order a Certificate of Fact – Status directly from the Texas Secretary of State’s office, but there is an easier way with FastFilings. Our online ordering system allows you to place your order for a Texas Certificate of Good Standing. You don’t have to waste time figuring out how to request your certificate of existence; just follow the prompts in our order form.

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Do You Need a Certificate of Good Standing?

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to have a Certificate of Good Standing in order to conduct business in Texas. However, there are specific circumstances where you will be expected to provide a copy of a valid Certificate of Fact – Status. These circumstances include:

  • Applying for a loan or a payment processing account
  • Renewing a business license  
  • Obtaining insurance for your business 
  • Securing funding from investors
  • Establishing a line of business credit  
  • Opening a branch in another state
  • Selling your business

There are other occasions when you might be asked to show your Certificate of Good Standing to conduct a business transaction. FastFilings can help ensure that you get the Texas certificate of existence you need. 

How to Make Sure Your Texas Business Is Compliant

Keeping up to date with your filing requirements is essential in order to obtain your Certificate of Fact – Status (CFS) or Certificate of Account Status. This includes making sure your annual reports are filed on time (i.e., by May 15 of each year) and, if applicable, you have filed a Certificate of Amendment that updates essential information on your original Texas certificate of formation.

What Documents Do I Need?
Why would you need to own a copy of your birth certificate?

How FastFilings Can Help with Your Texas Certificate of Good Standing

FastFilings has the ideal online platform for ordering a Certificate of Fact – Status. It takes just a few minutes to place your request for a Texas Certificate of Good Standing that can be used for various business purposes. Before you begin, be sure to have the SOS File Number associated with your business registration.