San Francisco Seller's
Permit License

A seller's permit is required for any business selling tangible goods in San Francisco, California. A seller's permit is also known as a wholesale license, a resale license, or a sales permit.

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Who Needs a California Seller's Permit?

If you have business operations in San Francisco, CA and you sell or lease tangible goods that are subject to a sales tax, then you must have a California wholesale license or seller’s permit. This is true whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, and whether you have a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, or a corporation.
You are considered to have business operations in California if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You have an office or another type of business space (permanent or temporary) anywhere in California.
  • You have a sales person operating in California.
  • You receive rent from leasing tangible property in California.
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Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in San Francisco, CA

A seller’s permit should not be confused with a California resale certificate, which is a document given by a buyer to a seller to ensure that a specific resale transaction is exempt from state tax. For businesses in the area, it is important to retain a resale certificate in San Francisco, CA, which includes the seller’s permit number of the buyer, for each of these types of transactions in case the company is audited.

How to Get a California Seller's Permit for Your Business

If you plan to sell or lease tangible goods in the San Francisco area, you need to get a seller’s permit so you can conduct business. FastFilings, a privately owned BBB-accredited filing service, is here to help you get one of these permits, and the process takes only minimal effort on your part. A sales tax permit ordered through FastFilings costs $69.95.
Be sure to have the following information ready before you begin:

  • Entity type
  • Name of business
  • Driver license number of owner or officer
  • Business address & phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Projected monthly sales

Our goal is to help you avoid the hassle and headache with ordering a permit directly through your district office. We error check and expedite all orders through the state agency.