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Orange County Statement of Information

Business owners in Orange County—or “the OC,” as it’s sometimes called—have a number of filing obligations that must be met if their organization is to remain in good standing as recognized by the State of California. Aside from the requirement to register with the state when the organization is formed, businesses must also file reports with the Secretary of State on an annual or biennial basis to ensure that company information is current on the public record. That is the purpose of the Statement of Information—it’s essentially the California equivalent of an annual report.

If you run a business in Orange County, California, you probably need to file a CA Statement of Information according to a schedule set by the state. Fortunately, you can depend on FastFilings for assistance. We serve businesses in all Orange County-area communities: Irvine, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, county seat Santa Ana, and other local towns. With our convenient online ordering platform, you can quickly begin the process of filing your Statement of Information in Orange County.

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What's in the Statement of Information?

A California Statement of Information is a brief document listing various information relating to a particular business. This information includes the following:

  • The registered name of the business
  • The Secretary of State File Number of the business
  • Street address of the business
  • Mailing address of the business (if different from street address)
  • Name and address of Chief Executive Officer
  • Name and address of other officers or members
  • Name and address of the director (only for Stock and Agricultural Cooperative Corporations)
  • Name and address of the California Agent for Service of Process
  • The type of business and/or its services 

The Statement of Information must also be signed to affirm that the information contained within is accurate. 

California has two different Statement of Information forms: Form SI-550 for corporations and Form LLC-12 for limited liability companies (LLCs). It is important to use the correct form when filling out your CA Secretary of State Statement of Information.

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When to File an Orange County Statement of Information

Corporations and LLCs have different filing schedules for their Statement of Information in Orange County, as described below:

  • Corporations – Must file a Statement of Information within 90 days of registration with the CA Secretary of State, and every year afterward. 
  • LLCs – Must file a Statement of Information within 90 days of registration with the CA Secretary of State and every other year afterward.

There is a six-month window of time when you are expected to send in your Orange County Secretary of State Statement of Information. This window is based on the calendar month in which you registered your business with the state. You can deliver your Statement of Information on any day during this month, or any of the preceding five months. 

For example, if you registered with the State of California in June of a particular year, your six-month filing window will always be January 1 through June 30. 

Who Must File?

Corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) in Orange County must file a Statement of Information.

  • Corporations use Form SI-550. This includes California stock corporations, California agricultural cooperatives, and foreign corporations registered in the state.
  • LLCs use Form LLC-12. This includes California and registered foreign LLCs.  

Businesses are required to send in a new Statement of Information when any of the data within the document has been updated—it’s not acceptable to wait until the next scheduled filing.

If nothing has changed since your last filing, you can send in a “No Change” statement. Corporations use Form SI-550 NC for this; LLCs use Form LLC-12NC.

A business cannot file a Statement of Information in Orange County unless it has active or suspended/forfeited status with the Secretary of State.

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What Happens If I Don't File?

If you fail to file your State of California Secretary of State Statement of Information, you will be subject to various penalties from the Franchise Tax Board that can include the suspension or forfeiture of your Orange County business.

Let FastFilings Help Your Orange County Business

Our simple online ordering system gives you the tools you need to file your Statement of Information in Orange County. It takes just a few minutes of your time; all you need to do is type in some basic information relating to your business.

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