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New Mexico Seller’s Permit, Wholesale License & Reseller License

The state of New Mexico is well known for being a good place for businesses, which have easy access to a wide range of useful tax credits and other economic incentives. There is a wide array of business activity here, including strong representation from the film/media, oil and gas, tourism, and governmental sectors. 

New Mexico, unlike most states, has no sales tax. Instead, it imposes a “gross receipts tax” (GRT) that functions similarly to a standard sales tax, and can be passed along to the buyer in a retail transaction. The precise tax rate varies due to the variety of local, state, and municipal laws.

The state of New Mexico also does not issue specialized business permits for collecting tax on retail sales. These kinds of permits are known by many names across the U.S., including wholesale license, seller’s permit, sales tax permit, sales and use tax permit, and reseller permit. In New Mexico, however, it is only necessary for a business to register with the Taxation and Revenue Department to obtain a CRS (“Combined Reporting System”) identification number. 

The CRS identification number is used for reporting all applicable business taxes. Technically, there is no such thing as a New Mexico seller’s permit, although it is convenient to use this widely recognized term.

How can you register your business with the state of New Mexico? If you’re not certain, rest assured that you’ve found the right place. FastFilings’ simple online ordering system will help you start the process, and it takes only a couple minutes. 

What Businesses Need a Seller’s Permit in New Mexico?

You are subject to the state’s gross receipts tax, and required to register with the Taxation and Revenue Department, if you are “engaged in business” in New Mexico. More specifically, you must pay the tax if any of the following conditions applies to your business operations: 

  • You sell property in the state
  • You perform business services in the state
  • You lease or license property used in the state 
  • You grant permission to use a franchise in the state
  • You sell research and development services outside the state, but the initial use of the resulting product is inside the state

Businesses that have no physical presence in New Mexico are subject to the GRT if they generate a minimum of $100,000 of taxable gross receipts in the state in a calendar year.

Reseller Permits
Seller’s Permit and Resale Certificate

Seller’s Permit Vs. Resale Certificate in NM

The resale certificate is another type of business document whose purpose is sometimes unclear to people. It is not to be confused with a New Mexico wholesale license or anything similar. A New Mexico resale certificate allows business to purchase items on a tax-free basis if these goods are to be resold at retail later. When applicable, it can also be used to purchase certain services without paying tax.

A resale certificate in New Mexico is officially known as a Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate (NTTC). Note that resale certificates from other states are not recognized by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.

How to Get a New Mexico Seller’s Permit for Your Business

f you’ve been wondering how to get a wholesale license in New Mexico, or its equivalent, let FastFilings show you the way. With our easy-to-use ordering system, you can begin the registration process in a few minutes. To begin, be sure to have the following info on hand:

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