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Making a Business on Etsy: The Essential Checklist

Opening your own business is an appealing way to achieve the freedom of working for yourself while doing work you enjoy. If you are wondering how to start an Etsy shop to take advantage of their broad customer base and low start-up costs, this checklist will help you through the early stages and explain how to get a wholesale license for your online business.

Step By Step: How to Set Up an Etsy Shop

While the process of creating your online store is relatively simple and intuitive, learning how to sell on Etsy successfully goes beyond the technical steps of setting up your store.

Let’s outline the key factors to consider:

1. Activate Your Etsy Account

To get started, you will need to make an Etsy account. As you go through the new account process, you will choose how you will be paid and will want to have your bank’s routing number handy.

2. Name It to Claim It

As you create an Etsy shop, you will need to choose your store name. Don’t be worried if you haven’t thought of the perfect name yet because you can change the store name as many times as you like until you open it. The store name can be changed once after it has opened.

Etsy shop names must be unique. If the store name you have always wanted is taken, try adding additional words, such as shop or storefront, your initials, or keywords to set your store apart.

3. Build a Brand Background

Think about the brick and mortar stores where you enjoy shopping most. Use those design ideas when considering how to open your own business. Most likely, their items for sale are displayed beautifully, priced reasonably, and are grouped together in ways that make sense to the buyer. Choosing a consistent color scheme and display style enhances brand recognition.

4. Focus on Fabulous Photos

Having enough high-quality images will help customers decide to make the purchase. It might be helpful to read or watch a short guide on how to create product photos. Using a contrasting background, excellent lighting, and crisp focus will ensure your unique products catch the browsing eye.

5. Choose Captivating Keywords

Many shoppers prefer searching to browsing product categories, and this is to your advantage. When opening an Etsy shop, consider what words you would use to search for products like your own. Try these in a search engine and take note of what other similar searches are offered. You can track how well your keywords are working in your Etsy Shop Stats.

6. Select Cost-Effective Shipping

Depending on the size, weight, and fragility of the items you sell in your shop, you may need to use different packaging or carrier options. Depending on item value, you may want to include delivery confirmation and insurance as standard.

Select Cost-Effective Shipping

7. Prevent Perfection Paralysis

Half the fun of starting an Etsy shop is trying new things and learning as you go. Your creative vision and attention to detail are good indicators that your shop will do well—but don’t wait to open the doors until every last display is in place. Prepare, and then pull the trigger! Once things get rolling, ways to improve your store can begin to show themselves.

8. Keep Your Ducks in a Row

When deciding when and how to open an Etsy shop, remember that this is a business like any other. Investigate the tax and licensing that might be required for your particular product and estimated income level. If you are wondering whether you need a seller’s permit or how to get a wholesale license, visit FastFilings, where you can complete your applications and obtain your business paperwork quickly so you can open your store right away.

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