How To Get Your CA Wholesale License in 3 Easy Steps Cover

How to Get Your California Wholesale License in 3 Easy Steps

No matter where you set up shop, there are state permits and licenses required for almost every type of business. If you’re a business that sells or leases items that are subject to sales tax in California, you are required to hold a California Wholesale License.

You might have already heard of this license by another name. It’s also referred to as a Seller’s Permit, a Resale License, or a Sales Permit. This permit does not make your sales tax-exempt, but it is required for any organization, partnership, or individual who wants to sell taxable items in California.

As anyone who has had to acquire a business permit before will tell you, the application process can be a bit of a pain. Applying directly to the California Board of Equalization results in a lot of government paperwork and hours of waiting to get through on the phone.

If you apply for a CA Seller’s Permit online, all of that hassle is taken off your hands through an expedited process. When you apply with, there are just 3 easy steps to complete through a simple online form. We just need some personal details and business details from you before we take care of all the paperwork and communication with the state. Then, often just hours later, your California Wholesale License is in your hands and you can carry on with business as usual! Read below for more information.

How To Get Your CA Wholesale License in 3 Easy Steps

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