Idaho Sales Tax Permit

How to Get an Idaho Sales Tax Permit

When you are starting a business in Idaho and intend to sell goods or food or offer services, you will need to register your business with the Idaho State Tax Commission. There are specific licenses and registrations you need to obtain to legally operate your business, including an Idaho sales tax permit

What Is an Idaho Sales Tax Permit?

After registering your business name and obtaining your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, you can apply for your business permits and licenses. Idaho does not require business licenses, but specific cities may require one. 

The primary permit that businesses do require is a sales tax permit. This enables your business to operate legally and requires you to collect sales tax from your customers on taxable sales. Some businesses may also benefit from obtaining a resale permit that makes them tax-exempt on inventory goods they sell to their customers. 

Other Names for an Idaho Sales Tax Permit

Some of the other commonly used names for an Idaho sales tax permit are:

  • Idaho Seller’s Permit
  • Idaho Sales and Tax Use License
  • Idaho Sales Tax ID Number
  • Idaho Seller’s License
  • Idaho Seller’s Certificate
  • Idaho Sales Tax Registration

Even though people call it different names, it is still the same permit you will need to open your business. 

Who Needs an Idaho Seller’s Permit?

how to get idaho sales tax permitMost types of businesses in Idaho, from grocery stores and restaurants to retail stores and quick-change oil change shops, will need a seller’s permit. Furthermore, if your business falls into one of these categories, you will need a seller’s permit:

  1. You service personal property, such as automobiles, residential HVAC systems, etc.
  2. You have a physical presence in the state, even if you operate your business out of your house. 
  3. You have an online-only business operated in Idaho and sell to customers in Idaho. 
  4. You rent or lease property in Idaho. 
  5. You have remote salespeople who physically sell goods and services in Idaho. 
  6. You sell seasonally, or for a short period, such as at a farmer’s market, craft expo, tradeshow, or fireworks stand. 
  7. You intend to operate a garage sale or yard sale for more than two consecutive days. 

It is worth noting sales tax is not charged on labor and most services in the state. However, sales tax must be charged on any goods or products used to perform the labor or service. 

For example, you take your car in for an oil change. While you will not be charged sales tax for the labor to change your oil, you will be charged sales tax on the oil and oil filter.  

Do Idaho Seller’s Permits Expire?

No, your Idaho seller’s permit does not expire. It is a one-time registration process. However, there are certain situations where you may need to update the permit with the Idaho State Tax Commission, such as:

  • You change the name of your business.
  • You relocate your business to a new address.
  • You change the business structure or ownership of the business.

Is an Idaho Business License the Same as a Seller’s Permit? 

No, a business license in Idaho refers to a specific type of license required for certain businesses. Not all businesses in Idaho require a business license. For example, if you sell alcohol, operate a childcare facility, or operate a restaurant, you will need a business license. 

Furthermore, you should not confuse your Idaho business registration with a business license. Your business registration is what establishes your business with the state. 

How to Get a Seller’s Permit Online Using FastFilings

It is easy to get a seller’s permit online using FastFilings. We have simplified the application process and file electronically with the state. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register your business with the state and obtain your EIN. 
  • Step 2: Visit our website and select Idaho for the state.
  • Step 3: Fill out the secure online application form providing your business name, address, phone number, type of business entity, and estimated monthly sales. You will also need to enter your EIN or personal social security number and the driver’s license number of the owner or an officer.
  • Step 4: Submit your payment.
  • Step 5: We verify your application for accuracy and use it to fill out the official state form. We will contact you directly before filing with the state if we find any errors
  • Step 6: Since we file electronically, you will receive your seller’s permit within ten business days or less. We also offer expedited services when you need it faster. 

We can help you obtain your resale certificate if you need tax-exempt status for your inventory purchases as well. Submit your application for your Idaho sales seller’s permit or resale certificate today.



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