How to Apply for an Annual Report Filing in Missouri

How to Apply for an Annual Report Filing in Missouri

In Missouri, all corporations and nonprofits are required to file an annual registration report. They must file online or by mail to the Missouri Secretary of State, Corporations Division. No Missouri LLC annual report exists because limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited partnerships (LPs) are not required to file a report to remain in good standing with the state.


What Is an Annual Report?

An annual report is a yearly document filed by companies to give the state up-to-date information about their businesses. In Missouri, an annual report is called a registration report, filed every year or every other year.

The Missouri registration report is filed to the Office of the Secretary of State, Corporate Divisions.

Companies have to verify or update information about:

  • Official business address
  • Name of registered agent
  • Business address of the registered agent
  • Stakeholder/Director names and addresses
  • Name and signature of the person filing the report

The Missouri business filing is due within the three months following the date of business registration. For instance, if your business was registered on August 18th, 2020, the registration report was due on November 18th, 2021.

At the time of formation, a business can choose whether to file an annual or a biennial report. You can also change to biennial reporting, but it can only be done when filing during an odd-numbered year. 

Who Needs to File an Annual Report in Missouri?

  • Corporations

All domestic and foreign Missouri-registered corporations have to file a registration report to the Secretary of State regularly. Filing online costs $20, while mail filing costs $45. The penalty for not filing is $15 per month after the deadline, which is the 3 months following the registration anniversary.

  • Professional Corporations

Professional corporations must file registration reports in Missouri. It also costs $20 online and $45 by mail. The due date is the same as the corporation’s. 

  • Nonprofits

Nonprofits based in Missouri must file a registration report before August 31st of each year. It costs $10 online and $15 by mail. Missing the deadline attracts a one-time penalty fee of $15. 

Missouri registration reports can be annual or biennial. Anyone given the authority can file them. No original signatures or documents are needed unless the registered agent is being changed. 

How about Missouri LLCs?

Missouri LLCs and LPs are not required to file registration reports with the state. There are no deadlines or penalties. 

Missouri Annual Report FAQs

How do I file a Missouri registration report?

You can file the Missouri registration report online or via mail. But first, you need your Missouri charter number. If you don’t have it, search the Missouri Business Database

These are the steps for filing a report online:

  1. Visit the Missouri Online Business Filing System.
  2. Log in to your account, or create a new account.
  3. Select “File/Print Registration Report.”
  4. Input your Missouri charter number.
  5. Choose “File Online.”
  6. Fill in the form.
  7. Pay the online fee. Only card payments are accepted.

Filing via mail requires you to print the form after you enter your charter number. Fill the form and mail it. Mail filing requires either a check or a money order.

Are there any initial reports required?

Yes, Missouri requires businesses to file an initial registration report within 30 days of business formation. After this, they are eligible to begin filing annual reports. 

What are the costs for filing?

Corporations have to pay $20 for filing online and $45 for filing by mail. Nonprofits pay $10 for online filing and $15 for mail filing. Online filing requires an additional fee of $1.25. There are no Missouri LLC filing fees or requirements. 

When is the Missouri annual report due?

The due date for filing Missouri’s yearly report is the last day of the third month following the initial registration date. Missouri does not send any official reminders. You have to track the dates on your own. 

What information is needed in the annual report?

You have to include the following information in a Missouri registration report:

  • Name and official address of business
  • Name and official address of the registered agent
  • Names of business directors/stakeholders
  • Name and signature of the person filing the report

If you want to change the registered agent, you are required to add a written consent plus an original signature. 

What happens if I don’t file?

If you don’t file an annual report past the deadline, your business will be charged Missouri registration report late fees of $15 per month of no filing. After 90 days, your business may be dissolved or revoked.

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