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Georgia Certificate of Existence

There are many different types of business licenses and certificates, each with their own set of rules for maintaining them in a legally compliant manner. Some apply only to certain types of businesses. Some must be renewed every year; others never expire. Some must be publicly displayed; others can be kept in storage. To make matters even more confusing, states often have their own particular terminology that differs from many other states. The Georgia Certificate of Existence is an example of this. It’s really what most states call a Certificate of Good Standing; on this page we’ll use both terms interchangeably to describe it.

So what is a Certificate of Good Standing/Existence anyhow? It’s basically a document that confirms a business’ current compliance with state filing requirements. A Certificate of Existence is frequently utilized in a wide variety of business transactions, and it’s always a sound idea to have one of these documents in your files.

If you’re not certain how to go about getting your own Georgia Certificate of Existence, there’s no need for worry. You’re already in the right place. With FastFilings’ simple online order form, you can request a valid Certificate of Good Standing in literally just a few minutes. There’s really no easier or more convenient way to get the certificate you need.

Georgia Certificate of Good Standing

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What Is a Certificate of Good Standing in Georgia?

A Certificate of Good Standing (or Certificate of Existence) is a legal document issued by the Georgia Secretary of State office. It provides official verification of various facts relating to a particular business: the date of business registration in Georgia; its type of business structure; the business’ current compliance with filing requirements; the absence of any articles of dissolution or any other filed document indicating that the business has been legally dissolved; and a statement that the organization in question is legally authorized to transact business. 

The Certificate of Existence includes the signature of the Georgia Secretary of State and the official state seal. It also contains the date that the document was generated (which is often important for certain business transactions). 

A Certificate of Existence should not be confused with a Certificate of Authority, which is intended for foreign entities that need to prove that they are officially registered in the state of Georgia.

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How Do I Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Georgia?

You can always obtain a Certificate of Existence from the Georgia Secretary of State office, but you have an easier alternative with FastFilings. Our online system will guide you through the process of requesting your certificate.

You can obtain a Certificate of Existence if you manage a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or limited partnership (LP) that was registered and is currently operating in the state of Georgia. Keep in mind, however, that you need to be in good standing with the state. If you are behind in filing your annual reports (which the State of Georgia calls annual registrations), you will not be able to get a Certificate of Good Standing

Do You Need a Certificate of Good Standing?

A Georgia Certificate of Existence is not necessary for day-to-day business operations. Nonetheless, there are a number of specific situations in which you may be asked to present a valid Certificate of Good Standing. Common business situations that may require you to have one of these certificates include:

  • Applying for a business loan
  • Applying for a payment processing account 
  • Buying business insurance  
  • Establishing business credit  
  • Renewing certain business licenses  
  • Obtaining investment funding
  • Selling or legally transferring your business 
  • Opening a franchise in another state

Although a Georgia Certificate of Existence does not expire, some third parties prefer to see a certificate that has been issued within a specified frame of time, such as the last 60 or 90 days.

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How to Make Sure Your Georgia Business Is Compliant

As noted, you actually need to be in good standing to get a Georgia Certificate of Good Standing. One common way businesses get into trouble is by failing to send in their annual report (annual registration) in a timely manner. This can result in penalties up to and including the administrative dissolution of the business. If you’re behind, you need to send in all your past-due annual reports before you request your Georgia Certificate of Existence. Remember that your annual registration is due between January 1 and April 1 of each year.

If your business was administratively dissolved by the Georgia Secretary of State, you can apply for reinstatement within five years of the official date of dissolution.

How FastFilings Can Help with Your Georgia Certificate of Good Standing

Our online ordering system gives you a simple way to request a valid Georgia Certificate of Existence that can be used for legal verification purposes. To begin, be sure to have your official business documentation ready so you can provide accurate data.

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