Filing a Statement of Information in Orange County

Filing a Statement of Information in Orange County

There may be no better place to start a small business than Orange County, CA. The fabulous southern California weather and the vibrant communities fully support local businesses. One of the things you will need to do each year or every other year to keep your California corporation or LLC in good standing is to file a statement of information in Orange County.

What Is a
California Statement of Information?

Your California statement of information filing replaces a formal annual report for your small business. When you set up your Orange County business as a corporation, non-profit, or LLC, you will file an initial statement of information. You will then need to submit up-to-date information to the Secretary of State’s office each year or every other year.

You will need to complete a statement of information filing every year if your business is:

  • A corporation
  • An agricultural cooperative
  • A foreign corporation
  • A credit union

You are required to file your statement of information every other year if your business is:

  • A limited liability company (LLC)
  • A domestic non-profit

How to File a Statement of Information in Orange County

You will file in the same month you originally registered your business entity with the State of California. You are allowed to file up to five months early if you wish. There are several acceptable ways to file the statement in Orange County:

  • Create an account and file your forms on the Secretary of State website.
  • Mail or hand deliver the documents to the Sacramento Business Entities office.
  • Submit the forms electronically using the California eForms service to upload PDFs.
  • File your statement of information online using a state-approved filing service like FastFilings.

Please note that the Los Angeles office does not process statements of information, and they must go to the Sacramento office if you are dropping them off in person. You will need to pay the filing fee at the time of submission, along with any other fees if you use a service.

What Information Will I Need to File My Orange County Statement of Information?What Information Will I Need to File My Orange County Statement of Information?

You will need to have this information available when you complete the forms for your Orange County business:

  • The registered name of your business and its state file number
  • Contact information for directors of a corporation or registered agent of an LLC
  • The physical address of your headquarters or business office, as well as a mailing address if it’s different
  • A designated email address for electronic notices and renewals
  • A description of the nature of the business

An LLC statement of information will not include information on the corporation board of directors; otherwise, the information needed for all types of business organizations will be similar.

Filing a Late Statement of Information in California

In the event that you fail to file your statement of information on time in Orange County, you will receive a delinquency notice or letter. After the date of that letter, you have 60 days to file to avoid having your business organization legally dissolved. 

There is a late fee, as well, which can be waived if the delay was caused by documented reasons outside your control. Most often, businesses file late because they are unsure how to file or how to gather the right information. If you are coming up to your deadline, you may want to consider using a filing service to streamline the process and get ahead of possible consequences.

File Your Orange County Statement of Information TodayFile Your Orange County Statement of Information Today

You can avoid late fees and having your business impacted by failing to file your statement of information by staying ahead of your deadline and filing up to five months early. If your deadline is approaching or you have received a delinquency notice, time is of the essence.

It only takes a few minutes to complete your part of the filing process when you use FastFilings to complete your Orange County statement of information forms. Using a simple process to gather the right information, we then check the forms for errors before submitting them securely and electronically to the State of California.

For streamlined business filings in California, there is no better process than the FastFilings service. Get started in five minutes and file your small business forms online, on time, and accurately the first time. Complete this quick form and keep your SoCal business in good standing.

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