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Connecticut Seller’s Permit, Wholesale License & Reseller License

Residents of Connecticut have the highest per-capita income of any state in the entire U.S. They also enjoy a booming business sector, with a significant presence from the real estate, financial, insurance, and health industries. These facts surely go a long way toward explaining why this state continues to attract entrepreneurs from all over the country. 

If you plan to launch a business in the Constitution State, you need to apply for certain kinds of permits and licenses. One of the most important of these is known in Connecticut as a sales and use tax permit, or resale number. If you plan to sell goods or services in this state, you probably need to get one of these permits.

This is a specialized type of business permit that is issued by every state that has a sales tax. It is known by a variety of different names around the U.S.—seller’s permit, resale license, wholesale license, sales tax permit, and reseller permit are just the more common names. Under any name, the purpose of this license is always the same: It gives businesses the right to charge sales tax on transactions.

Bewildered by all this? There’s no reason to be. FastFilings has made it easy to apply for your Connecticut seller’s permit. All you need to do is spend a few minutes filling out our handy online ordering form.

Do You Need a Seller’s Permit in Connecticut?

The answer is “yes” if any of the following conditions apply to your business operations in Connecticut:

  • You are engaged in the sale, lease, or rental of goods 
  • You run a hotel, a motel, or a lodging house
  • You sell a taxable service

Incidentally, you need a separate reseller permit in Connecticut for every business location you operate. If you take over an existing business, you’ll have to obtain a new permit—you can’t use the one assigned to the old owner. 

No matter what kind of business entity you operate—partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.—you need a wholesale license in Connecticut if you will be making sales in the state. Both wholesale and retail business are subject to this requirement. 

There is no exception for low-volume businesses, but a “casual or isolated” sale made by an individual who is not ordinarily engaged in these transactions does not require a Connecticut seller’s permit.

Reseller Permits
Seller’s Permit and Resale Certificate

Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in CT

Here’s another area that tends to cause confusion. In the business world, it is common for retailers to purchase goods from wholesalers on a tax-free basis. To ensure that these transactions are valid, they must be accompanied by what is known as a resale certificate. It is filled out by the buyer and given to the wholesaler. 

A Connecticut resale certificate is officially known as a “Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate.” The business that is offered a filled-out resale certificate in Connecticut is expected to reject any transaction that is clearly not given in good faith.

What is important to understand is that a Connecticut seller’s permit does not take the place of a resale certificate. They have distinct purposes.

How to Get a Connecticut Seller’s Permit for Your Business

With FastFilings’ online ordering system, you can request a Connecticut sales and use tax permit easily. To begin, gather the following data relevant to your business:

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