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Seller's Permit

A sales and use tax permit is required for any business selling tangible goods in Alameda County, CA. This permit is also known as a wholesale license, a resale license, a sales permit, and a resale certificate.

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Who Needs an Alameda County Sales & Use Tax Permit?

Part of the San Francisco Bay Area, Alameda County is home to around 1.5 million people, which means there are plenty of consumers around. But anyone who hopes to do business in this busy community must have a seller’s permit so they can legally collect sales tax. Also known as a wholesale license, a sales tax permit, and a resale license, this permit can be easily obtained through FastFilings, a privately owned license and government document filing service.

The short answer is that any retail or wholesale business in the county that sells or leases tangible goods that are normally subject to a sales tax must have a California wholesale license/reseller permit. That goes for sole proprietorships, corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. Basically, you have to have a seller’s permit in California if any of the following conditions are true of your business:

  • You have a place of business in Alameda County or anywhere else in the state.
  • You have an agent, a canvasser, a representative, or an independent contractor who is working in the state.
  • You receive rent from the lease of property in California.

Even if your company is headquartered in another state, you need one of these special sales and use tax permits if you have a business presence here.

TX Sellers Permit

Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in CA

It’s important to understand that a seller’s permit is not the same thing as a California resale certificate. What’s the difference? A resale certificate allows you to purchase goods tax-free if you intend to resell them later. Generally it is given to the seller from the buyer in these transactions. If you attempt to purchase wholesale goods in the area without having a resale certificate in Alameda County, CA, you will likely have to pay sales tax.

The Easy Way to Get a Wholesale License in Alameda County, CA

If you’re not sure how to get a California seller’s permit for your business in Alameda County, don’t worry. We’ve streamlined the process for you. For just $69.95, you can order a permit through our convenient online portal. Whether you’re located in Oakland, Hayward, Pleasanton, Fremont, Union City, San Leandro, Berkeley, or another community in the area, you can count on FastFilings.

Ensure you have the following data readily available before you begin:

  • Name of business
  • The type of entity
  • Business address & phone number
  • Driver license # of owner or officer
  • Social Security number

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