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Wyoming Seller’s Permit, Wholesale License & Reseller License

Wyoming is the least populated state in the U.S., with just over a half a million people living in a landmass of nearly 98,000 square miles. But make no mistake—there are certainly opportunities in Wyoming for someone with a good business sense and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. “The Equality State” hosts many thriving businesses in the tourism, agricultural, and mineral extraction sectors, as well as various other industries. 

However, anyone who plans to run a retail business around these parts will be required to file for certain types of licenses that allow them to operate legally. One of the more important of these licenses is something commonly known as a seller’s permit (among other names).

Like most states, Wyoming requires vendors to hold a specialized license that authorizes them to charge sales tax on qualifying transactions and then remit this money to the government. Around the country this license has a number of different names, as determined by the preferences of state governments: seller’s permit, wholesale license, sales tax permit, resale license, and reseller permit. In Wyoming, it’s officially called a sales and use tax permit.

How do you get one of these Wyoming wholesale licenses? The easiest way is to use FastFilings’ online ordering system. In just a few minutes of your time, you can place an order for your very own Wyoming seller’s permit. It’s fast, secure, and reliable.

Do You Need a Seller’s Permit in Wyoming?

In brief, if you want to set up a business as a vendor selling taxable property or taxable services anywhere in Wyoming, you will need to get a seller’s permit prior to commencing operations. You must obtain a separate license for each place of business you operate.

However, there are exceptions to the requirement to hold a Wyoming seller’s permit. Businesses that are engaged solely in the purchase of wholesale goods used in manufacturing or agriculture, and not sold at retail, do not need to have a sales tax license. Fundraising events held by schools, religious organizations, or charities are exempt as well. Sales of certain specific services, such as insect extermination and garbage hauling, are also exempt.

Sales and use tax licenses are non-transferable. If there is a change in ownership or legal structure with your business, you must apply for a new license.

Reseller Permits
Seller’s Permit and Resale Certificate

Seller’s Permit Vs. Resale Certificate in WY

A Wyoming seller’s permit is not the same type of license as a resale certificate, and it is important for vendors to understand the difference. A resale certificate in Wyoming is used by businesses to purchase goods on a tax-free basis, with the understanding that these items will be sold at retail at a future date. In these transactions, the certificate is filled out by the buyer and given to the seller, who is expected to retain it for record-keeping purposes. 

A Wyoming resale certificate is formally known as a “Certificate of Exemption.”

How to Get a Wyoming Seller’s Permit for Your Business

Getting a wholesale license in Wyoming is a breeze with FastFilings. We’ll do most of the legwork for you. To start the process, get ready to input the following data into our online ordering form:

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