Why Do You Need a Birth Certificate in the U.S.?

Your birth certificate might seem like a piece of paper that is a novelty item that shows where you were born, the date, and the time. There can also be other beneficial information on there, like your parents’ names, mother’s maiden name, the birthplace of your parents, and your parents’ social security numbers. 

However, this piece of paper is more than just a keepsake to store in a baby book or scrapbook. In fact, your U.S. birth certificate is your first official form of identification. It is an essential form of identification to have as it is required in many instances to obtain other forms of identification, important documents, and prove your identity. 

For instance, to get a learner’s permit or driver’s license, you have to meet a minimum age requirement set by your state. To establish that you meet this requirement, you must show your birth certificate. Your state also requires your birth certificate to obtain a state-issued identification card. 

To see other reasons you need your birth certificate, we invite you to review the following infographic. 

Can I Get a Birth Certificate Replacement Online?

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Why Do You Need a Birth Certificate in the US

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