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Need help with a passport renewal filing service order? The information and FAQ topics below can answer 95% of all customer questions and inquiries. Please click the topic relevant to your inquiry.

​Our passport renewal assistance service is designed to remove the pain and hassle of renewing a passport through the government office. The traditional passport renewal process can be very confusing and hard to understand. Some common questions include: do I use form DS-11, DS-82, DS-5504, DS-3053, or some other form? Which portions of the form do I need to complete? What items must be submitted? What are the passport renewal fees? How do I submit the renewal request?

Our service handles everything for you:

  1. Our experts will gather and hand prepare the correct renewal forms/materials for your specific passport renewal circumstance. They will be fully completed and error checked. There are numerous different passport request forms, and preparing the wrong form or incorrect preparation is where other passport services and self-filings often fail.  We guarantee correct form preparation and we guarantee a successful renewal request.
  2. Our experts will hand prepare you a customized next steps checklist to assist you in gathering and submitting any items the US Dept. of State will require for your specific circumstance, such as government fees, a passport photo, etc.  Submitting the wrong items or incorrect government fee amount is another common area where other passport services and self-filings often fail.
  3. Our experts will prepare a prepaid, pre-addressed USPS express mailer envelope so you can submit all required items to the correct passport center. There are many passport centers, so this critical part of the service will ensure that the correct location receives the renewal request for speedy and correct processing.
  4. We will then send all of this to you via USPS express mail, which usually only takes a few days to receive.

Yes, barring certain very, very rare circumstances. Our passport renewal service is built to get you a renewed passport in the easiest and fastest way possible.

If you answered all the questions in the order form correctly, and you properly follow the next steps instructions in the package we prepare for you, you will get your renewed passport in roughly the time frame we have estimated.

We process all orders for passport renewal assistance services within a few business days from when we receive the order. However, that is just the time it takes us to process a passport renewal assistance order, it is not the time it takes the government office to process the actual passport renewal.   

Government processing times for passport renewals are currently around 8-20 weeks (2-5 months) during COVID-19. However, this is just an estimate, and does not include transit time. Time frames can be longer, or shorter.
Anybody who places an order with us for our passport renewal assistance service has to FIRST agree to a very clear no-cancellation policy. We have this policy listed in a click-to-accept checkbox format so that it is impossible to overlook the policy, or to place an order without first agreeing to this policy. 
This policy is also listed clearly in the Terms that every customer must agree to before ordering, the Cancellation & Refund Policy link at the bottom of our website, and on the confirmation email.
We have this policy in place because we process passport renewal assistance orders immediately.
However, if you have a special circumstance, an issue with an order, or if we made a mistake or an error in preparing your passport renewal documents, we are here to help. Please let us know what the issue is so we can correct the problem. Click here to contact us about an issue.  

As was explicitly outlined in the process, there are 2 separate fees for passport renewal assistance service orders: our processing fee, and a separately paid government fee.  To eliminate any possibility of  misunderstanding, the existence of government fees is listed clearly in many places including: the checkout page in a mandatory “check box” format, the Terms and Conditions, and the confirmation email.

Our processing fee is charged upon checkout, and the government fee is something the you will pay later by check. Easy instructions on submitting the mandatory government fee will be included in the passport renewal package that will be mailed to you immediately upon placing an order.

There is a common misconception that the US Dept. of State is not processing passport renewals during this current  COVID-19 pandemic. This is incorrect- the US Department of State is still processing standard passport renewals, which is the service we are offering.

The US Dept. of State is only not processing expedited renewals, and in-person renewals at a facility.

We are monitoring the situation closely, and will update this section if anything changes.

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