Get Your San Bernardino County Seller's Permit

A sales and use tax permit is required for any business selling tangible goods in San Bernardino County, CA. This permit is also known as a wholesale license, a resale license, a sales permit, and a resale certificate.

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Why It’s Important to Get a Wholesale License in San Bernardino County, CA

The biggest county in the contiguous U.S. by landmass, San Bernardino County is a bustling region with a population that tops two million. It’s a good place to do business—but if that’s your plan, you probably need a California’s seller’s permit, otherwise known as a wholesale license, a reseller permit, a resale license, or a sales and use tax permit. At FastFilings, you have access to a simple online ordering process that will help you get a seller’s permit in California. 

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Why It’s Important to Have a Seller’s Permit/Wholesale License in San Jose, CA

Like most states, California requires retail and wholesale businesses to have a sales tax permit in order to conduct operations here. Whether you have a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation, you’ll need a California wholesale license in order to collect sales tax on transactions on the sale or lease of tangible personal property, provided that these items are generally subject to sales tax. The law applies to anyone who is “engaged in business” in the state.

With some businesses, particularly those that have headquarters in another state, it’s not clear whether they are truly engaged in business in the Golden State. In general, you need a reseller permit in San Bernardino County, CA if any of these conditions are applicable:

• You have permanent or temporary business space in California.
• You receive rental payments from leasing tangible property in California.
• You have an agent, canvasser, contractor, or similar representative who works in California.

If you’re still uncertain whether you are subject to these stipulations, please contact us.

Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in CA

It’s common for people to speak of seller’s permits and resale certificates as if they’re interchangeable, but actually these are two distinct types of licenses. California resale certificates give you the right to purchase goods tax-free if you plan to resell them later. If you intend to do this, then it’s important to have a resale certificate in San Bernardino County, CA in your records for auditing purposes.

Contact FastFilings to Get a California Sales Tax Permit

FastFilings is available to make the ordering processes easy for you. Just fill out our online application form to get things started. Permits cost only $69.95. No matter where you are in San Bernardino County—Montclair, Upland, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville, Ontario, Chino, Hesperia, or another community—you can rely on FastFilings for excellent customer service.

To order, you’ll need to supply the following information:

• Name of the business
• Type of entity type
• Business address & phone number
• Driver license number of owner (or officer)
• Social Security number
• Projected monthly sales