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The easiest & most convenient passport renewal assistance service on the web. Renew your passport online in under 4 minutes.

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Fully secure, fully online ordering. Skip the trip to the passport office.

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- Official US Passports -

Online processing for US Passport renewals issued by the US Department of State.

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We process most orders the same day, or the day after we receive the order.

How This Passport Service Works

Step 1

We handle your paperwork.

Just submit your order and we will immediately prepare your DS-82 and passport renewal documents for you to sign. We will also prepare an easy checklist for any additional items that are required by the government office for your renewal request. This will be rushed to you by USPS 1-day or 2 day express mail. Most packages ship the same day, often within minutes!

Step 2

Sign & gather.

Once you receive the package, sign the documents we prepared for you, and gather the items listed. Usually this will include your existing passport, a passport photo, and payment for government fees. Put those into the USPS prepaid express envelope that's included, and drop it in the mail. You can drop it at a post office, a USPS box, or give it to your mailman.

Step 3

That's it!

​It's as simple as that - just wait for the passport office to process the request and mail you the renewed passport! Estimated processing times are listed on page 2 of the package. Status updates can be accessed through the status link, which is listed in the renewal package we send you. Please note that government processing times are a bit inconsistent during COVID-19.

About This Passport Renewal Assistance Service

This passport renewal filing service is designed to remove the pain and hassle that often accompanies ordering or researching how to renew a passport directly through a government office. Our service handles completing and filing all necessary paperwork for ordering your passport renewal. This can save you hours of time doing research, and can save you the frustration of completing confusing government forms. We are not affiliated with any government agency, and we charge a fee for our application preparation and filing service. You can order passport renewals directly through the issuing government office directly for a reduced fee. A resource for self service can be found here:

We look forward to assisting you in getting your passport renewed in the most hassle free way.

About Fast Filings is a private permit, license and other government document preparation and filing service.  We file all permit and license requests directly with the issuing government office, however we are not a government agency, and you may file on your own directly with the issuing government office at a reduced fee, or sometimes for free.

Our goal is to help you avoid the hassle and headache with ordering a permit directly through your district office. We error check and expedite all orders through the appropriate government office.

What must I provide?

After placing a passport renewal filing order, our experts will immediately begin gathering and preparing the correct forms and next steps instructions for your specific passport renewal request. We will rush mail you these completed forms with clear instructions on what to gather to satisfy the US. Department of State requirements, and we will include a prepaid, preaddressed USPS mailer to submit the required items. All you have to do is place these items into the prepaid envelope we send you, and drop it in the mail. Generally, the following items are required:

  1. An existing US passport (it can be expired up to 5 years).
  2. A passport photo.
  3. A check or money order for government fees.