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Oklahoma Seller’s Permit, Wholesale License & Reseller License

Visitors to Oklahoma are often surprised to find that the state’s economy is more varied than they had imagined. The truth is that the “Sooner State” is home to a wide spectrum of industries, including the energy, transportation, electronics, telecommunications, food processing, and aviation sectors. 

There are a lot of retail businesses here, and most of them are required by law to have a license known as a sales tax permit. If you plan to open a retail business in Oklahoma, you will probably need to get one of these permits as well.

What is a sales tax permit? It’s a type of business license that has a confusing variety of names around the U.S., all of which mean basically the same thing. Many states call it a seller’s permit. Others call it a wholesale license, resale license, sales and use tax permit, or reseller permit. In Oklahoma, you generally request one when registering your business with the state.

Getting your Oklahoma seller’s permit is easy—FastFilings has a streamlined ordering process that will show you how to register properly with the State of Oklahoma. It takes just a few minutes to go through the process. 

Do You Need a Seller’s Permit in Oklahoma?

You need to have an Oklahoma wholesale license if your business is involved in the sale of tangible personal property on an ongoing basis. This includes virtually anything that can be seen, felt, weighed, or measured. Sales of water, electricity, gas, and computer software are all included under this definition. Businesses engaged in providing sales of taxable services are also subject to this requirement to hold a valid Oklahoma seller’s permit.

Remote (out-of-state) sellers who generate more than $100,000 in sales of taxable merchandise per year in Oklahoma must register for a permit as well.

An Oklahoma seller’s permit is not needed for a “casual” sale carried out on an occasional basis, but it is necessary to file a report with the state when such a sale is made.

Keep in mind that the sales of certain types of products, such as beer, cigarettes, and motor fuels, require a specialized type of wholesale license in Oklahoma that must be applied for separately.

Reseller Permits
Seller’s Permit and Resale Certificate

Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in OK

Many businesses routinely purchase goods on a wholesale basis, with the intention of later reselling these items at retail. This transaction requires the use of an Oklahoma resale certificate, which is filled out by the buyer and given to the seller. Please note that a resale certificate is not the same as an Oklahoma seller’s permit or sales tax permit. Although they are often confused due to their similar names, they have different purposes. 

A resale certificate in Oklahoma is officially called a Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption.

How to Get an Oklahoma Seller’s Permit for Your Business

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