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Oakland Statement of Information

As a major port city, Oakland, CA is home to a bustling business community. One thing that most of these organizations have in common is the requirement to stay current with various state-mandated business filings. Among them is the Statement of Information

A CA Statement of Information is basically equivalent to the “annual report” that most states periodically demand from their registered businesses. It’s just a statement of certain facts that relate to a particular business. In California, businesses subject to this requirement are expected to file a Statement on an annual or biennial basis with the Secretary of State. The Statement of Information is accessible to the public.

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What's in the Statement of Information?

The CA Secretary of State Statement of Information simply lists, and provides official confirmation of, a handful of basic facts about your business. It is not a financial statement. The document includes: 

  • The registered name of the business entity
  • The Secretary of State File Number (7 or 12 digits) of the business
  • The street address and mailing address of the business
  • Name & address of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Name & address of the other officers (for corporations) or managers/members (for LLCs)
  • Name & address of the director (only for Stock and Agricultural Cooperative Corporations)
  • Name & address of the California Agent for Service of Process
  • A short description of the nature of the business

In addition, your Statement of Information in Oakland must be signed.

You should be aware that there are actually two different types of Statement of Information forms. Form SI-550 is intended for corporations; Form LLC-12 is for limited liability companies (LLCs).

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When to File a Statement of Information in Oakland

If you run an Oakland business that is required to send in a Statement of Information, you are expected to make your first filing within 90 days of the legal formation of your company. After this, you must make filings on an annual or biennial basis, as follows:

  • Corporations – Must file every year.
  • Limited liability companies – Must file every other year.

You have a six-month window in which to file your Oakland Statement of Information during any year in which it is due. This window is determined by the month in which you originally registered your business. It is acceptable to file on any day of this month, or on any day of the preceding five months. For instance, if you registered your business in December, your future filings should be sent in at any time from July 1 through December 31. 

Who Must File an Oakland Statement of Information?

Any corporation or LLC operating in California is required to file a Statement of Information (SI-550 or LLC-12, depending on the business structure) in accordance with the state’s schedule. This covers foreign as well as California-based businesses, including California agricultural cooperatives. 

Your Oakland business must have active or suspended/forfeited status with the Franchise Tax Board to qualify for filing a Secretary of State California Statement of Information.

Note that you are expected to file a new Statement whenever any relevant information changes, such as a new business street address. If there are no changes since your previous filing, you are allowed to file a statement saying as much. Corporations use a Statement of No Change (Form SI-550 NC) for this purpose, while LLCs use a Statement of Information – No Change (Form LLC-12NC).

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What Documents Do I Need?

What Happens If I Don't File a Statement of Information?

The Franchise Tax Board can impose serious penalties on businesses that fail to comply with their filing obligations. Penalties for refusing to send in your Oakland Statement of Information can include the suspension or forfeiture of your business.

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