How This Name Change Service Works

Our name change services makes changing your name due to marriage, divorce, or a legal name change an absolute breeze. See why we have so many great reviews on our service.

For Marriage or Divorce Name Change

If your name change is due to marriage or divorce, our service is built to remove the hassle and trouble of changing your name with all of the necessary government agencies:

  1. First, our name change experts will hand prepare and error check all of your name change filing documents. This includes your name change filing documents to change your name on your social security card, with the IRS, with the US Department of State and on your passport, with the DMV, with the elections office, and with other government agencies (depending on your state). To summarize, we will take care of everything for-
    • Social Security name change
    • Passport/US Dept. of State name change
    • DMV, Driver license, Title & Registration name change
    • IRS name change
    • Voter Registration name change
    • And other government agencies
  2. Next, we will hand prepare any next steps instructions and prepaid/pre-addressed envelopes for you so that you can easily submit your documents. Most documents simply require a signature, and a copy of your marriage or divorce certificate.
  3. We will deliver all of this to you in a nice neat package by mail. No printing or gathering mailing materials necessary!


For Legal Name Change (not marriage or divorce)

If you are doing a legal name change (which differs from a name change due to marriage or divorce), the name change process is slightly different. It requires a petition to be prepared and filed with a state court to request the name change. Our service will include:

  1. We will fully prepare your name change petition, ready for you to sign and submit. We will prepare you a prepaid, pre- addressed envelope to submit this to the appropriate court.
  2. We will prepare all of the items listed in the marriage/divorce name change service to change your name on file with the DMV, IRS, Social Security Administration, etc.
  3. We will send this all to you in a nice neat package.