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Miami, FL has one of the largest economies on the U.S. East Coast, and there are all kinds of opportunities here for the smart businessperson. If you intend to operate a Miami business that is engaged in taxable activities, or move your existing business to another Florida county, or add a new business location here, you will very likely need to register for a business tax license. This is a kind of license that goes by a number of other names, such as seller’s permit, wholesale license, resale license, reseller permit, and sales and use tax permit. FastFilings makes it easy to order one of these sales tax/wholesale licenses online.

Do You Need a Reseller Permit in Miami?

If your business is involved in retail sales or any other type of taxable activity in this state, you need to get a Florida wholesale license. This holds true for any type of business structure, from sole proprietorships to corporations.

State tax laws are complicated, and it’s not always clear-cut whether a local business really needs to obtain some kind of seller’s permit in Florida. In general, if any of the following conditions is true of your business operations in this state, you need to register for a Florida sales tax license:

  • You sell, lease, or license for use tangible personal property
  • You repair or make alterations to tangible personal property
  • You lease or license for use commercial property
  • You rent living or sleeping accommodations
  • You sell electric power
  • You sell pest control, cleaning (non-residential), security, or detective services
  • You sell second-hand goods

Out-of-state businesses are also required to obtain a license if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You have employees or independent contractors who work in Florida
  • You have a place of business in Florida
  • You deliver goods to customers in Florida via company-owned or leased vehicles

If you’re still confused, you can always contact us with your questions about getting a wholesale license in Miami.

Seller’s Permit Vs. Resale Certificate in FL

It’s crucial to understand that the type of permit we have been discussing—known as a seller’s permit, a sales and use tax permit, and several other names—is not the same thing as a resale certificate. So what is the difference? A Florida resale certificate gives a business the right to buy products tax-free on the condition that these items are to be resold later. In this state, it is officially called a Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax. If you are involved in these kinds of transactions as a buyer, you should be prepared to present a copy of your resale certificate in Miami to the seller.

How to Get a Florida Seller’s Permit for Your Business

FastFilings is here to enable you to get your sales and use tax permit the easy way with our online ordering service. All you need to do is gather the following information before you begin:

  • The name of the business
  • The type of business entity
  • The business address and phone #
  • Social Security #
  • Driver license # of the owner or an officer
  • Projected monthly sales