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Louisiana Seller’s Permit, Wholesale License & Reseller License

Why would you want to start a business in Louisiana? It’s not usually considered a hotspot of business activity, but you can certainly find plenty of opportunities in the Bayou State. In fact, a 2014 survey ranked Louisiana as the fifth-best state for small businesses. The state’s economy is notable for a significant presence from the agricultural, medical, natural gas, and technological sectors.

As with most U.S. states, Louisiana generally requires local businesses to have a type of license widely called a seller’s permit. This permit is known by a number of different terms around the country, such as resale license, wholesale license, sales tax permit, sales and use tax permit, and reseller permit. In Louisiana, it is usually referred to as a sales tax certificate. No matter what its name, this license always has the same purpose: It gives businesses the authority to collect and remit sales tax on transactions. 

If you’re not sure whether you’re required to get a seller’s permit in Louisiana, or what you have to do to get one, keep reading. FastFilings has all the information you need. And with our online ordering platform, you can request a sales tax certificate in literally a few minutes.

Which Businesses Need a Wholesale License in Louisiana?

The requirement to hold a valid sales tax certificate applies to the following types of businesses:

  • Businesses that sell, lease, or rent tangible personal property in Louisiana
  • Businesses that hold property for resale in Louisiana
  • Businesses that have a business location in Louisiana
  • Businesses that have a product inventory of tangible personal property in Louisiana 
  • Businesses that deliver goods with a company vehicle in Louisiana 
  • Businesses that have an agent or salesman (even if only on a part-time basis) in Louisiana
  • Businesses that provide certain services in Louisiana, including:  
    • Hotel room rentals 
    • Admissions to recreational events 
    • Printing services 
    • Laundry services
    • Repairs of tangible personal property   
    • Sales of telecommunications services

In addition, remote sellers that have a gross revenue of over $100,000 in sales OR at least 200 separate transactions in Louisiana are also considered a dealer by state law, and subject to sales tax requirements.

Reseller Permits
Seller’s Permit and Resale Certificate

Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in LA

Resale certificates are confusing to a lot of people, as there is a tendency to assume that these documents are just seller’s permits under yet another name. This is untrue, however. A Louisiana resale certificate (sometimes called a resale exemption certificate) gives a business the right to purchase products tax-free if these items are to be resold. This means that the sales tax is charged only on the final transaction. A resale certificate in Louisiana cannot be used to evade sales tax on purchases intended for consumption by the buyer.

The resale certificate is filled out by the purchaser and given to the seller, who is expected to retain the document for a while in the event that an audit is needed. Louisiana resale certificates are usually renewed automatically if the buyer remains non-delinquent in filing taxes and continues to report sales transactions. 

How to Get a Louisiana Seller's Permit for Your Business

FastFilings has figured it all out for you. Getting a Louisiana wholesale license has never been easier—we have a simple way to order these kinds of business licenses online. To get started, gather the following pieces of data:

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