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Illinois Certificate of Good Standing

Running a successful business often involves working with other businesses or third-party organizations. When conducting some sort of business deal or transaction, it is important to have official assurance that the other party is, in fact, a legally recognized organization that abides by state law. But how can you be certain about the legitimacy of another business? That’s the purpose of a type of business document known as a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS). If you run an LLC or corporation in Illinois, it’s in your best interest to have a valid Certificate of Good Standing in your files. 

A Certificate of Good Standing goes by a number of names around the U.S., as every state has its own rules and regulations governing these types of documents. It might be called a Certificate of Existence, Certificate of Status, Certificate of Authority, or another name. The state of Illinois generally refers to it as a Certificate of Good Standing.

So how do you go about getting an Illinois Certificate of Good Standing for your business? It’s really a simple process if you use FastFilings’ online ordering system. In fact, you can put in your request for a certificate in just a few minutes of your time. There’s no easier or simpler way to order a valid Illinois Certificate of Good Standing.

Illinois Certificate of Good Standing

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What Is a Certificate of Good Standing in Illinois?

An Illinois Certificate of Good Standing is an official government document issued by the Secretary of State office. It essentially confirms that a particular business registered in Illinois is currently compliant with state laws, including filing requirements. 

The certificate verifies several pieces of information listed on it, including the date when the business was registered in Illinois; the type of business structure it’s operating under; and its compliance with state filing laws. The certificate is signed by the Secretary of State and bears the official Seal of the State of Illinois.

A Certificate of Good Standing is often used in business transactions to verify a particular organization’s legal status. Because it is issued by the state, the certificate has the force of law behind it. It can be presented in a courtroom to prove one or more facts relating to an organization’s standing in the eyes of the law.

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How Do I Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Illinois?

A Certificate of Good Standing can be obtained directly from the Illinois Secretary of State office, but you have another, easier option with FastFilings. We’ve designed an online ordering system that will walk you through the process of requesting your own certificate. 

You can order an Illinois Certificate of Good Standing if you run a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation that has been properly registered with the state. Please be aware that you also need to be up to date in filing your annual reports with the state in order to receive a Certificate of Good Standing.

Do You Need a Certificate of Good Standing?

You don’t need one for conducting normal business operations. A Certificate of Good Standing is not the same as a business license or permit. Nonetheless, it can be useful or mandatory for a wide variety of business transactions.

Situations where you may be expected to produce a valid Certificate of Good Standing include the following:

  • Applying for a business loan
  • Applying for a payment processing account 
  • Purchasing insurance for your business
  • Renewing a business license 
  • Establishing business credit  
  • Obtaining investment funding 
  • Opening a storefront or office in another state
  • Selling or legally transferring your business 

A Certificate of Existence/Good Standing does not expire. However, some business entities you deal with might prefer to see a recently issued certificate (e.g., one generated within the past 60 or 90 days).

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How to Make Sure Your Illinois Business Is Compliant

Keeping your business compliant with all filing requirements is essential to qualify for a Certificate of Good Standing. To put it another way, your business actually has to be in good standing in order for you to get a certificate that legally confirms you are in good standing. 

Be sure to send in any past-due annual reports your business is required to file. You may have to pay a late fee for missing the deadline for filing an annual report.

How FastFilings Can Help with Your Illinois Certificate of Good Standing

If you’re not certain how to go about getting your Certificate of Good Standing, rest assured that FastFilings is on your side. With our fast, convenient ordering platform, you can place your request in literally just a matter of minutes. Your Certificate of Good Standing will be sent directly to you as soon as possible. 

To begin, gather your business information, such as the official registration name of your company, so you can provide precise data to ensure accuracy.

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