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Idaho Seller’s Permit Wholesale License & Reseller License

With a land area of over 83,000 square miles, the state of Idaho certainly has a lot of room for the aspiring entrepreneur. Many business owners have already found success here, as Idaho has plenty of opportunities in the food processing, electronic manufacturing, tourism, mining, and lumber industries, to mention just a few industries well represented in the Potato State. 

As with every state, Idaho requires prospective business owners to obtain various permits and licenses before opening their doors to the public. The list of mandatory licenses usually includes an Idaho seller’s permit. This is a business permit that often goes by a number of alternate names around the country, depending on the issuing state. Wholesale license, sales and use tax permit, resale license, and reseller permit are just some of the names commonly applied to this type of license. The state of Idaho tends to call it a seller’s permit or sales tax permit.

No matter what it’s called, though, the basic principle is always the same—a seller’s permit grants a business the right to charge sales tax on retail transactions. In Idaho, you generally request one of these permits when you register your business with the state.

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Do You Really Need a Seller’s Permit in Idaho?

Any individual, business, government agency, or non-profit organization that is active in Idaho as a retailer must have a seller’s permit. This is required if you are engaged in any of the following activities:   

  • Selling, leasing, or renting tangible personal property
  • Renting lodging space (e.g., hotel rooms) 
  • Selling magazine/newspaper subscriptions
  • Selling goods via vending machines

You are considered to have a business presence in Idaho if you have an office, employees, sales representatives, retail goods, or property anywhere in the state. Churches and nonprofits are also generally subject to the requirement to have a permit if they conduct retail sales. In addition, out-of-state businesses are required to collect taxes from Idaho residents on retail transactions. 

You will need a separate Idaho seller’s permit for each of your business locations. If all of your businesses are operating under the same name, each permit will have the same number. If not, you will get a different permit number for each name. Standard seller’s permits do not expire.

Temporary seller’s permits are available for those who plan to hold a one-time sales event, such as a craft show. These temp permits are valid for 90 days.

Reseller Permits
Seller’s Permit and Resale Certificate

Seller's Permit vs. Resale Certificate in ID

A resale certificate in Idaho grants a business the right to purchase certain goods tax-free so long as these items are intended to be resold to customers on a retail basis. That means sales tax will be charged only on the final transaction. 

It is important to understand that a resale certificate is not the same as your seller’s permit or wholesale license in Idaho. If you wish to purchase items tax-free in the manner described above, you must be sure to provide the seller with a properly filled-out resale certificate. Simply having a standard Idaho seller’s permit does not give you the right to conduct these tax-free transactions. 

The seller in the initial transaction is expected to retain the resale certificate in their files for auditing purposes. An Idaho resale certificate is officially called a Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate (Form ST-101).

How to Get an Idaho Seller's Permit for Your Business

FastFilings’ online ordering form makes the application process simple and painless. Be sure to gather the following data before you begin:

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